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Page Contents:
-Spare parts & accessories
-Parts identification
-Setting it up for first use
-Safety Guard
-Straight slices
-Small sticks
-Fluted cuts
-Varied cuts
-Safety precautions

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Bron Professional Mandoline Parts & User Guide

Bron Coucke
Model 20638CHB
Spare Parts and Accessories

126CL - Whole fluted cutting plate, stainless
146CL - Main plate, stainless
166CL - Whole stand, stainless
176CL - Central cutting plate, stainless
183CL - Crank handle
196CL - Assorted nuts and screws kit
19638 - 40 blade - 3 mm. (1/8") and 9 mm. (3/8") wide cutters
10644 - 43 blade - 3 mm. (1/8") and 6 mm. (1/4") wide cutters
11660 - 61 blade - 2.5 mm. (3/32") and 5 mm. (3/16") wide cutters
303CH - Handle for guard, plastic
304CH - Handle for guard, wood

Bron Mandoline Accessories and Parts

Bron Pusher & Safety Guard Bron Pusher & Safety Guard

Ref. 30330
Stainless body with plastic knob
Bron Professional Mandolin Central Cutting Plate & Screws Bron Central Cutting Plate

Ref. 176CL
4" wide plate,
(Screws/bolts not included)
Bron Mandolin Fluted Cutting Plate Bron Fluted Cutting Plate

4" wide plate,
Height adjustment lever mechanism included,
Bron Mandolin Main Plate Bron Main Plate

4" wide plate,
Height adjustment lever mechanism included,
Bron Mandolin 11660 Cutter Set Bron Cutters, 41/20 Blades - Set 11660

41 blades 2.5mm (3/32") apart,
20 blades 5mm (3/16") apart,
Bron Mandolin 10644 Cutter Set Bron Cutters, 29/14 Blades - Set 10644

29 blades 3mm (1/8") apart,
14 blades 6mm (1/4") apart,
Bron Mandolin 10638 Cutter Set Bron Cutters, 30/10 Blades - Set 19638

Standard cutters included with a new Bron,
30 blades 3mm (1/8") apart,
10 blades 9mm (3/8") apart,
  Bron Crank Handle

Replacement crank handle
(6) in in parts image near top of page
Part 183CL
Bron Mandolin Nuts, Screws and Spacers Bron Nuts, Screws, Spacers Set

Assortment fits Bron mandolins,
Including locking nuts,
Stainless and/or nylon


Bron Professional Mandoline
Instructions & Parts

Important: Do not attempt to use the Bron Mandolin until you have studied these instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in damage to the various cutting edges, not to mention that you might get cut.

Use extreme caution when using the mandolin and any of its sharp cutting components.

Bron Mandolin Parts Parts Identification...
Fig. 1 - Front view
Fig. 2 - Underside view
Fig. 3 - Safety guard (carriage)

(1) Main plate
(2) Central cutting plate
(3) Fluted cutting plate
(4) Folding stand
(5) Set of cutters
(6) Crank handle
(7) Main plate adjusting lever
(8) Fluted cutting plate adjusting lever
(9) Main plate fixing screw
(10) Fluted cutting plate fixing screw
(11) Central cutting plate fixing screw
(12) Cutter set fixing nut
(13) Safety guard stops
(14) Safety guard handle
(15) Safety guard hinge screw

To set up your new mandoline for use...
-Turn mandoline upside down exposing leg assembly (4). Unfold leg assembly by grasping both cross bars of leg assembly and pulling upwards to form a "z" shape with the mandoline body. (Be careful with the sharp exposed blades.)

-Insert free end of leg assembly to fit snugly against top lip. (Flip adjustment lever (8) towards cutting blades if necessary to allow room for leg assembly.) Turn mandoline over resting rubber feet on table. Make desired adjustment and you are ready to go. Use guard (Fig. 3) with upper blade only. Be sure waffle blade (3) is fully lowered when using upper blade (2) to avoid damage to lower blade.

Safety Guard...
Allows you to slice vegetables in total safety.

- Before fitting the safety guard, you must drop the fluted cutting plate (3) below the level of the central cutting plate (2) and adjust the main plate to the desired thickness of cut.

- Engage the safety guard (15), hinged end first, in the runners on either side of the upper face of the slicer (1).

- Place the vegetables to be cut into the safety guard cage, close the lid and, holding the guard handle (14), slide the guard up and down.

- At the bottom of the downward stroke there are safety stops (13), which prevent the safety guard from going off its tracks.

- IMPORTANT: When using the safety guard during slicing operations, it is essential to neutralize the fluted cutting plate (3) completely. Failure to do so may result in damage to the fluted cutting plate.

- Neutralize the central cutting plate (2) by adjusting the main plate (1) to the same level as the central cutting plate, so that the vegetable does not catch on the blade.

- NOTE: The safety guard cannot be used to slice using the fluted cutting plate (3).

See below for additional safety precautions.

Adjusting for cutting straight slices...
To make potato crisps, soufflé potatoes, gratin dauphinois, Vichy carrots, making slices from 0.3 mm. to 10 mm. thick:

- Having set up the slicer as above, neutralize the fluted cutting plate (3) by dropping it to the same level as the central cutting plate (2) by means of its lever (8), so that the vegetable does not catch on it. This is especially important when using the safety guard during slicing operations.

- Raise the main plate (1) to its maximum height by using the lever (7).

- Disengage the set of cutters (5) by pulling the crank handle (6) off its resting rivet and allowing it to hang freely.

- Adjust to the desired thickness of cut by lowering the main plate (1) by using the lever (7).

- Cut the vegetables at their widest point in order to obtain well shaped slices.

Adjusting for cutting small sticks...
To make French fries, straw potatoes, matchstick potatoes, julienne vegetables, etc.

- Raise the main plate (1) to its maximum height by using the lever (7).

- Pull out the crank handle (6), turn it up or down to expose the blades for the desired size cut, locking it onto its resting bolt. (If the main plate (1) is not raised to its maximum height, the blades will not turn to the desired position without incurring possible damage.)

- Adjust the thickness of cut by lowering the main plate (1) by raising or lowering its lever (7).

Adjusting for fluted cuts...
To make lace-cut potatoes, crinkle-cut potato slices, scalloped slices, etc.

- With the main plate (1) raised to its maximum height, neutralize the set of cutters (5) by pulling the crank handle (6) off its resting bolt and allowing it to hang freely.

- Neutralize the central cutting plate (2) by adjusting the main plate (1) to the same level as the central cutting plate, so that the vegetable does not catch on the blade.

- Adjust the fluted cutting plate (3) to the desired thickness of cut by raising or lowering its lever (8).

- Lace-cut potatoes can be made by adjusting the fluted cutting plate (3) to about 3 mm. (3/32") above the central cutting plate (2).

- First make a cut, then turn the vegetable a quarter of a turn (90°) to make the second cut, which will produce a perforated cross-cut pattern. Continue turning a quarter turn with each cut.

- If the slice tears (too thin), raise the fluted cutting plate (3).

- If the slice is not perforated (too thick), lower the fluted cutting plate (3).

- The pattern of perforations may be altered by varying the amount of turn give to the vegetable between cuts.

- Crinkle-cut potatoes are made by cutting slices in the same direction, on the fluted cutting plate (3).

Adjusting for varied and decorative cuts...
To make grooves, wavy-cut sticks, lace-cut slices, etc.

- Neutralize the central cutting plate (2) by adjusting the main plate (1) to the same level as the central cutting plate, so that the vegetable does not catch on the blade.

- These cuts require 2 passes. The first on the fluted cutting plate (3) to groove the vegetable or to cut thick slices (adjust thickness of cut as required); and the second on the central cutting plate (2) to obtain corrugated slices or wavy-cut sticks, for example.

- When cutting on one plate, it is important to neutralize the other by changing the position of its lever.

Adjusting for grating... to produce fine strands of raw carrots, beetroot, etc.

- Neutralize the central cutting plate (2) by adjusting the main plate (1) to the same level as the central cutting plate, so that the vegetable does not catch on the blade.

- Raise the fluted cutting plate (3) approximately 1.5-2 mm. (1/32" to 1/16") above the central cutting plate.

- Feeding long vegetables, such as carrots, lengthwise into the fluted cutting edge will produce attractive long, thin strands.


- Whenever possible, use the safety guard, which allows you to operate the mandoline without danger of cuts from the cutting edges.

- Always keep in mind that while this equipment is designed to produce perfect results, it does require a certain minimum of care and attention while you are using it.

- Keep the mandoline out of the reach of children and people who are not familiar with its use.


- Before using for the first time, neutralize the cutting edges and wash the mandoline in hot, soapy water. Be careful of all cutting surfaces.

- The slicer is designed to require only minimal maintenance. It should, however, be washed after every use, in running water in order to flush out vegetable debris and residues, then left to dry.

- Before every washing, neutralize the cutting edges by raising the main plate (1) and lowering the fluted cutting plate (3).

- Do not clean the mandoline with any implement which might damage the edge of the blades.

- If the edge of the central cutting blade (2) dulls, carefully use a sharpening stone. (With care, it can be unscrewed for easier sharpening.)

- At regular intervals, check the tightness of all nuts and screws.

- When not using the mandoline, store it in a place by itself, preferably hung up. Avoid wedging it between other heavy items to prevent damage.

The guide is adapted from the product manual of the manufacturer:
F-74550 ORCIER
Tél : +33 (0)4 50 73 90 0
Fax : +33 (0)4 50 70 58 31



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