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-Cheese Knives
-Cheese Buttons
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-Cheese Making Bag & Strainer
-Rennet Tablets
-Grated Cheese Shakers
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-Cheese Book
-A Bit About Cheese

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Cheese Utensils

Use planes and wires for cutting soft cheeses. The thickness of your slices depends on the angle you're holding the plane, and the pressure you are exerting on the cheese. Slice downwards with the wire cutters for best results.

The 2-handled cheese wire is also great for slicing polenta, and for torting cakes (cutting layers).

Non-stick, kullenschliff (granton), and hollow-bladed knives are used for soft and medium-hard cheeses, and keep the slices from sticking to the blade.

The 2-tine knives are used soft and medium-hard cheeses; cut the cheese and use the pronged end for serving.

Tear-shaped pointed cheese knives are best for Parmesan and other hard cheeses. As is the nature of these cheeses, once split they will generally crumble into chunks. Insert the tip and use downward pressure only.

Narrow rectangular cheese knives work best for semi-soft (or semi-firm) cheeses like Brie or Jack.

Wide rectangular cheese knives are for soft, crumbly cheeses, like Blue Cheese.

Need a spare cheese cutting wire and can't find the right size? Try a music store - a guitar or piano string might just do the trick.

Deco Parchment Leaves provide an elegant bed for cheese cubes and other hors d'oeuvres. And the wood and marble slicers also make for a beautiful presentation.

Cheese Cutting & Serving Boards

Wire Cheese Slicer with Marble Serving Board Wire Cheese Slicer With Marble Serving Board

8.25" long,
5" wide,
1" high,
2 extra wires,
Rubber feet,
For soft cheese only
Made in Taiwan
Cheese Slicer Replacement Wires

Replacement Wires for Cheese Slicer
Replacement Wire, 5"

For #4109 above, to replace style with hanging ferrules at ends,
5" long
(Shown at top of both photos)
Replacement Wire, 5.75"

For #4109 above, to replace style with loop-end wire,
5-3/4" long
(Shown at bottom of both photos)
Capri rose marble cheese slicer Capri Rose Marble Cheese Slicer

8-3/4 x 5-3/4" base area,
8 x 5" top,
3/4" thick marble,
Iron/steel base,
For soft cheese only
Made in Indonesia
Replacement Wire for Capri Rose Marble Cheese Slicer

Fits above cheese board only
JK Adams Artisan Cheese Dome Set JK Adams
Artisan Cheese Dome Set

6.2" high overall,
9.5" diameter board,
0.75" thick,
Indented for edge of 7.3" diameter glass dome,
Maple wood with artisan teak oil finish,
Made in USAMade in USA
Norpro Glass Cheeese Dome With Marble Base Norpro
Glass Cheeese Dome With Marble Base

5.75" high overall,
7.5" marble base,
0.6" thick,
6.5" wide glass cover,
Thick glass with knob handle,
Base is grooved for glass cover,
Made in Taiwan


Cheese Cutting Wires

Cheese Wire With Handles Handled Cheese Wire

18.5" long stainless wire,
2.75" plastic handles,
Made in France
Useful for slicing wheels of cheese, and also for slicing cakes into layers.
12" cheese wire 12" Cheese Wire

Approx 12" long
2.75" plastic handles
Useful for slicing wedges from small wheels of cheese, and also for slicing cakes into layers.
Heavy Adjustable-Wire Cheese Slicer Adjustable Wire Cheese Slicer

5.25" long,
5" wide,
3.5" slices,
Extra wire,
Made in Taiwan
Replacement Wire

Use with above slicer only


Cheese Planes

Oxo Good Grips Cheese Plane Oxo Good Grips Cheese Plane

9" long,
3" wide,
2" slicing blade,
Wavy surface of plane helps keep cheese from sticking,
Stainless plane,
Soft grip rubberized handle,
Dishwasher safe
Made in China
zyliss dial-n-slice cheese slicer Zyliss Dial-n-Slice Cheese Slicer

9" long,
3-1/4" at its widest,
2-1/4" wide slicing blade,
Turn dial to change thickness,
Stainless steel and high impact plastic,
Dishwasher safe,
5 year limited warranty
Made in China
Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane

Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane
Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane

9 13/16" x 3 1/4" x 1 1/16"
Adjust from thin (1/32") to thick (3/16") with a simple twist of the knob in the handle.
Original Microplane Ribbon blade can be used to grate small amounts of cheese for garnishing.
Ergonomically designed soft touch handle.
Upper portion of the blade includes Microplane’s Ribbon Grater surface to grate a small amount of soft or hard cheese.
Dishwasher safe.
Blades made in USA; assembled in Mexico.
Video Video Demo of Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane


Cheese Knives

Zyliss cheese knife

Zyliss cheese knife
Zyliss Cheese Knife

9.5" long overall,
5" long blade,
2.5" inner blade for uniform slicing,
Microserrated blades,
Pronged tip for serving,
Stainless steel with plastic handle,
Made in China
6.75" Parmesan Cheese Knife Parmesan Cheese Knife, 6.75"

6-3/4" long,
1-5/8" blade at its widest,
3-1/4" long,
1.5mm thick,
Wood handle
Made in Italy
Metalla open-blade stainless cheese knives Metalla Open-Blade Stainless Set of 2 Cheese Knives

6-3/4" and 8-1/4" long overall,
3-3/4" long handles,
18/8 brushed stainless,
Dishwasher safe,
Ideal for cutting, slicing or cubing any type of cheese, from hard to semi-firm to soft and crumbly
Made in Taiwan
Set of 3 Cheese Knives Set of 3 Cheese Knives

5" - 5.5" long,
Stainless with wood handles,
Light duty,
Made in Taiwan
Set of 5 Stainless Cheese Knives Stainless Cheese Knives, Set of 5

Approx. 6-1/4" long,
Handles 3/8" thick,
Stainless steel,
Polished blades, satin handles,
Dishwasher safe
Made in China
metalla cheese knives 4-pc set Metalla Cheese Knives 4-Pc Set

Approx 5.25" long,
Heavy gauge stainless steel blades,
Rubberized handles,
Dishwasher safe
Made in China
Cheddar spatula Cheddar Spatula, Wood Knob Handle

4.8" long overall,
2.5" long blade,
0.8" wide at tip,
Thick stainless steel,
Beechwood handle,
Made in Italy
Stilton spatula Stilton Spatula, Wood Knob Handle

4.8" long overall,
2.5" long blade,
1.75" wide at tip,
Thick stainless steel,
Beedhwood handle,
Made in Italy
Cheese fork Cheese Fork, Wood Knob Handle

4.8" long overall,
2.5" long tines,
0.7" wide at tip,
Thick stainless steel,
Beechwood handle,
Made in Italy


Cheese Buttons

set of 3 porcelain cheese buttons Porcelain Cheese Buttons

Cow, sheep and goat,
1-3/4 to 2-1/4" high overall,
1-1/4" round base,
5/8" long prongs
White porcelain
Made in China
Use for holding the cheese for cutting.


Cheese & Chocolate Curlers

cheese and chocolate shaver

cheese and chocolate shaver
Girouette Cheese & Chocolate Curler

8-5/8" round base,
7/8" thick solid wood,
Shaft and grating knife,
5" chocolate mold with centering arm,
4-5/8" high acrylic dome cover
Made in China
(Cheese and chocolate shown not included.)
Use to shape Tête de Moine cheese, or chocolate, into delicate curls to make beautiful rosettes, for a beautiful and tasty presentation.
la girolle original cheese scraper

Instructions for Cheese Curler
Girolle Originale Cheese Curler

8-5/8" round base,
7/8" thick solid wood,
Shaft and grating knife
Made in Switzerland
(Cheese shown not included.)
Use to shape Tête de Moine cheese, or chocolate, into delicate curls to make beautiful rosettes, for a beautiful and tasty presentation.


Cheese Markers

white porcelain cheese flags

white porcelain cheese flags
White Porcelain Cheese Flags, 6 Pk

2-1/4 x 1-1/2" flags,
1-1/2" long post,
3/16" thick,
White glazed porcelain,
Black marker included,
Erases with soap and water,
Dishwasher safe
Made in China


Cheese Paper

Formaticum cheese paper

Formaticum cheese paper
Formaticum Cheese Paper

15 sheets,
11" x 14",
2-ply paper,
Includes adhesive labels,
Use to store cheese. Allows it to breathe, for longer life.


Strainer, Bag, and Kit for Making Cheese

Cheese Draining Basket Cheese Draining Basket

5-3/16" top diameter,
4" bottom diameter,
2.5" high
Cotton bag for making cheese Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

12" x 12" flat,
100% cotton,
To clean, boil before each use,
Made in China
Boska Home Fresh Cheese Maker Kit
Boska Home Fresh Cheese Maker Kit
Boska Home Fresh Cheese Maker Kit

Includes 1 L glass jar that contains:
Wooden spoon.
Spreading knife.
Cheesecloth bag.
4 cheese molds.
2 rennet tablets.
15 g (0.53 oz) herbs de Provence.
50 g (1.76 oz) salt.
Instructions with recipes.
Made in EU


Rennet Tablets

Junket Rennet Tablets Junket Rennet Tablets

8 tablets.
6.5 g (0.23 oz) net weight.
Includes recipe booklet.
For making cheese, custard, and ice cream, and sugar-free desserts.
Ingredients: salt, calcium lactate, corn starch, rennet, tricalcium phosphate, calcium stearate (food grade).
Vegetarian product.
Made in USA


Grated Cheese & Spice Shakers

Swirled Glass Cheese Shaker Swirl Glass Cheese Shaker

3.5" high,
2.75" wide,
6 oz. capacity,
Glass with chrome top
Glass Cheese Shaker Glass Cheese Shaker, 12 Oz

5.5" high,
3" wide,
12 oz. capacity,
Glass with chrome top
Made in China
Stainless Cheese Shaker With Cover Covered Cheese Shaker

3.75" high,
2-5/8" wide,
18/8 stainless,
Plastic cover,
Made in China


Grated Cheese & Condiment Servers

cheese and condiment server 3-pc set

cheese and condiment server, 3-pc set
Cheese & Condiment 3-Pc Server

8 oz capacity,
4.4" diameter base,
Glass cup is 3.5" wide, 1.6" deep,
5.5" long serving spoon,
Hinged lid,
18/10 stainless steel body and spoon,
Acrylic stop in handle,
Glass cup easily lifts out,
Made in China
Retro hinged cheese or sugar bowl, 12 oz

Retro hinged cheese or sugar bowl, 12 oz
Retro Hinged Cheese/Sugar Bowl, 12 Oz

12 oz capacity,
3" high,
3.5" to top of knob,
4.7" top diameter,
5.1" long serving spoon,
Heavy beveled glass container,
Stainless steel removable cover and spoon,
Cover is hinged at center,
Cover locks onto glass container,
Made in China


Cheese Book

Cowgirl Creamery Cooks by Sue Conley & Peggy Smith Cowgirl Creamery Cooks by Sue Conley & Peggy Smith

($35 List Price)
7 1/2 x 10 in format, hardcover, 256 pages,
Hachette Publ, Chronicle Books
A primer on tasting, buying, storing, pairing, and appreciating all kinds of cheese that makes this a gorgeous gift for the cheese lover. And it’s a sumptuous collection of recipes, with 75 appetizers, soups, salads, snacks, entrees, and desserts that showcase cow-, goat-, and sheep-milk cheese. Throughout, the glorious photographs of Hirsheimer & Hamilton portray myriad cheeses, finished dishes, and the landscapes and people who created them.


Instructions for Replacing Wire on Cheese Boards

- Unscrew handle
- Slide metal handle in marble slightly to the right.
- Insert wire loop.
- Slide onto metal bar.
- Push back in.
- At the handle end, bring wire across top.
- Screw handle knob over loop.

Wire should be aligned with groove on board. Misalignment by hitting side of marble board may cause wire to break.

Use only for soft cheese.


About Cheese

Natural Cheese There are hundreds of varieties of natural cheese. Cheese is generally made from whole milk, although skim milk, cream, and goat's milk are also used. Cheesemaking consists of separating most of the milk solids from the milk by coagulating with safe bacterial cultures and rennet or a microbial enzyme. The curd is then separated from the whey by heating, stirring, and pressing.
After the cheese has been formed into its characteristic shape, it is given a wax or other protective coating and allowed to age for varying lengths of time, depending on the kind of cheese being made. When the cheese has reached its proper aging or curing state, it is cut into sizes suitable for consumer use.

A 1½-ounce serving of natural cheese supplies the same amount of calcium as 1 cup of milk or yogurt, as well as 12 to 14 grams total fat, 9 grams saturated fatty acids, 4 milligrams cholesterol, and 173 calories. For sodium, while 1 cup of milk contains 120 milligrams, 1½ ounces of natural cheese could contain from 110 to 450 milligrams, while 2 ounces of process cheese could contain 800 milligrams.

The U.S. Grade AA shield may be found on Cheddar cheese in some stores. Other cheeses may receive industry grades, but these do not appear on consumer packages.

     U.S. Grade AA cheese:
     has fine, highly pleasing Cheddar flavor;
     smooth, compact texture;
     uniform color and attractive appearance

Process Cheese Process cheese is a blend of cheeses which have been shredded, mixed, heated, and then molded. No further ripening occurs. Process cheese may contain pimentos, fruits, vegetables, or meats.
If the label says "process cheese food," other ingredients such as nonfat dry milk or whey solids and water have been added, resulting in a lower milk-fat content and more moisture than process cheese.

Process cheese spread has an even higher moisture content and lower milk-fat content than process cheese and cheese food. As a result, it's more spreadable.

Process cheese products usually come packed in slices, loaves, or jars.

Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese is a soft, uncured cheese prepared by mixing dry curd cottage cheese with a creaming mixture. "Dry curd cottage cheese" has a milk-fat content of less than 0.5 percent, while "cottage cheese" must have a milk-fat content of at least 4 percent.
Lowfat and nonfat varieties of cottage cheese are defined in FDA standards of identity. Lowfat cottage cheese must have a milk-fat content between 0.5 percent and 2 percent. Nonfat cottage cheese contains less than 0.5 percent total fat.

Cottage cheese may bear the USDA "Quality Approved" shield if it is of good quality and made under USDA supervision.

Tip on Cottage Cheese: All cottage cheeses should be used within 10 to 30 days.




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