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-Chestnut Roasters
-Chestnut Knives
-Chestnutter Chestnut Cutter
-Dried Chestnuts & Puree
-How to Prepare Chestnuts
-Care for your Steel Chestnut Roaster

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Chestnut Tools

The best chestnuts for roasting are the larger, better quality called "marroni". Only the rich brown, firm ones will do to produce sweet, soft, delicious roasted chestnuts. The regular "castagne" are best kept for boiling.

The fridge is the best place to store chestnuts before use  (or freezer for longer-term storage)

Chestnuts have a low-low fat content, and no cholesterol, gluten, or oil.

Click for PDF Chestnut Information & Recipes from the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.
Leslie Land  Search Leslie Land''s Blog for Chestnuts.
Leslie Land  The Fresh (and Dried) Chestnut Roundup: Selecting, Storing, Roasting and Peeling, with recipes.

Chestnut Roasters

blued steel chestnut roaster

blued steel chestnut roaster
Blued Steel Chestnut Roaster

18.99 #11741
11" round at top rim,
9" bottom,
1.75" high,
7/16" holes,
1" wide handle extends 8-1/2"
Carbon steel,
Hand wash, dry and oil before storing.
Made in China
See care instructions below.
10" steel chestnut roaster

Underside of 10" steel chestnut roaster
Steel Chestnut Roaster, 11"

19.99 #11750
11" diameter,
8.5" inside bottom,
3/8" diameter perforations,
9.25" long enameled steel handle,
Riveted to pan,
Rolled edge,
Carbon steel construction,
Made in Spain
See care instructions below.
Steel Chestnut Roaster, 10"

15.99 #11747
10.25" diameter,
8" inside bottom,
1.5" deep,
3/8" diameter perforations,
9.25" long enameled steel handle,
Riveted to pan,
Rolled edge,
Carbon steel construction,
Made in Spain
See care instructions below.
10.5" chestnut roasting pan

10.5" chestnut roasting pan
10.5" Chestnut Roasting Pan, Wood Handle

16.99 #7660
10.5" diameter,
2" high,
10" long handle,
Pan made of steel,
1" diameter unfinished wood handle,
Made in Italy
See care instructions below.
superstone chestnut roaster Superstone Chestnut Roaster

24.99 #120726
7-1/2" diameter,
3-3/4" high to top of lid,
5-3/4" inside bottom diameter,
For use in oven or microwave,
Natural stoneware,
Recipes included
Made in USA Made in USA


Chestnut Knives

Lamson Pro Chestnut Knife Lamson Pro Chestnut Knife

17.99 #9410
5-1/2" long overall,
7/8" long curved blade,
High-carbon sainless steel blade,
Half-tang with brass rivets,
Oiled hardwood handle,
Hand wash only,
Limited lifetime warranty,
Made in USA Made in USA
LAR Taglia Castagne - Chestnut Cutter

LAR Taglia Castagne - Chestnut Cutter
LAR Taglia Castagne - Chestnut Cutter

9.99 #612791
Imported by Fante's6.25" long.
0.9" wide handle.
1.3" wide spoon.
18/10 stainless steel.
Made in Italy.
Chestnutter chestnut cutter

Chestnutter chestnut cutter

Chestnutter chestnut cutter
The Chestnut Cutter

29.99 #121471
6-1/2" long,
1-3/4" wide,
Chrome plated cast aluminum body,
Stainless steel blades
Made in China
· Lift the two top arms of the Chestnutter, insert the chestnut into bowl, and drop the two arms to pierce the chestnut with the stainless steel blade and create a perfect X cut.


Chestnut Puree

Chestnut puree Clement Faugier
Chestnut Puree
15.5 Oz

9.99 #12138
15.5 oz,
Ingredients: Chestnuts, Water.
Free of colorings or preservatives.
Add water, broth, or milk to obtain the desired consistency.
Excellent also with poultry and meats.



scoring a chestnut - U of Missouri Chestnut Guide & RecipesAlways score or make slits to break the tough skin along the rounded side of each chestnut before cooking. This promotes even cooking and to keeps them from popping during cooking.

Soaking is a great method recommended by Leslie Land, to soften the shells and make them easier to score. Cover the chestnuts in a heat-resistant bowl with boiling water, and let soak for an hour or two. Score them as you remove them from the water, and continue with cooking.

To boil chestnuts, first slit the the raw chestnuts, boil for 10 minutes, and take them out of the water when you're ready to shell them.

In the oven, pre-heated to 425 °F, place a half-sheet pan (jelly roll pan) with an even layer of slit chestnuts (sprinkled with water if not pre-soaked), turning them over after 10 minutes, then baking for another 5 minutes. Keep them hot until you're ready to shell them.

Over an open fire, use a grill basket or hand-held popcorn roaster, with a long handle. Score the raw chestnuts, place them in the basket, and move or shake them frequently back and forth over the fire. Keep the chestnuts some inches away from the coals, so they will not char.

If the basket or roaster is kept at a reasonable distance from the heat, the chestnuts should be done when the skins have been blackened by the heat.

On the stovetop, a chestnut pan (a frying pan with holes on the bottom) works best. Score the raw chestnuts, put them in the pan, and sprinkle them with water. Don't overload the pan.

You can add multiple layers to the pan if it will be covered during roasting. Otherwise, we recommend you limit the quantity of chestnuts to just one layer at the bottom of the pan, or it will take longer and more shaking for them to roast properly.

Place the pan over a medium flame or heat setting. If you are using an electric stove with open elements, a metal trivet or heat diffuser ( between the pan and the open element will help prevent burnt marroni.

Shake the pan back and forth frequently, to roast the chestnuts properly and to prevent their charring.

You will know they are done when the skins have become quite black, but not charred. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how many chestnuts are in the pan. It can take longer in certain instances, usually having to do with the type and amount of heat coming from your burner.

For the microwave, put a half dozen raw scored chestnuts on a dish, and cook them for about half a minute at full power.

To make basic chestnut paste, shell the raw chestnuts, boil about 10 minutes, remove the remaining fur-like skin, and pass through a potato ricer (or use a food processor or stick blender).

Hot chestnuts are really hot, so watch your fingers and your tongue. It only takes a few minutes for the marroni to become cool enough to enjoy their delicious meat. You can use a towel or cloth napkin for handling hot chestnuts.

The skin of cooked chestnuts hardens quickly and is more difficult to open when they are cooled. So crush roasted chestnuts in a towel while they are still hot, and their still-crispy skins will break apart. Or if boiled, cut the chestnuts in half and pinch back the skin, using a hot towel, or pincers.



The steel chestnut roasting pan is the most practical utensil for roasting chestnuts. It is inexpensive, has holes in the bottom for better heat transfer for roasting, and reacts quickly to changes in temperature. A bit of maintenance will keep it useful for generations.

Wash your new pan by hand. Use hot, sudsy water. Rinse with hot water. Dry it thoroughly and immediately after washing.

Put it right on the stove to use.

Put a "light" coating of oil on the entire pan and handle if you are not going to immediately use it, and after use before you store it. We recommend mineral oil, because it is tasteless, odorless and does not become rancid.

Discoloration is normal with steel. It will also darken with repeated use; the surface becomes oxidized and helps prevent rust. Rust spots (which may occur if the pan is left wet, or if it is not oiled before storing) can be removed by sanding the rusted area with fine-grit sandpaper. Wash and dry the pan as above, and oil it before putting it in storage.

Engraving by Francesco Villamena, in the British Museum

Geminiano Caldorostaro
Geminiano, the Chestnut Roaster
Engraving c. 1600, 318 x 205 mm
Francesco Villamena (c.1565-1624)
The British Museum



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