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-Caring for Your Pan
-General Instructions
-Important Notes
-Numbers & Letters Diagrams
-Wedding Cake
-Jell-o® Molding
-Checkerboard Jell-o® & Cake
-Upside Down Cake
-Rolls and Bread
-Special Forms

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Educated Cake Pan

These instructions and recipes are for the original Burvelle's Educated Cake Pans, which were 14" (large) and 10" (small) long. They will also work for the new Alphabet Cake Pan (15 x 8.5 x 2").

burvelle's educated cake panCaring for Your Pan

- Grease pan and inserts with spray or shortening.

- Immediately after removing cake, soak pan and inserts in warm water.

- Use a toothpick to remove particles that may be left in corners.

- Wash in dishwasher or with hot soapy water.

General Instructions

1. Pre-heat the oven and prepare your cake batter.

2. Choose the figure you want to make from the diagrams below.

3. Now, place the inserts (open side up) in the pan to form the desired figure.
4. Fill the cake form area 1/2- to 2/3-full with cake batter. With a narrow blade knife, guide the cake batter to assure filling in the corners.

5. Place your cake in the oven and bake according to your cake mix recipe.
6. After baking, allow the pan to cool on a rack, for 5 minutes.

7. If your figure needs cutting, do it now, referring to the diagrams and using the inserts as a guide. Follow any important instructions that may be noted next to the shape diagram.
8. Remove the inserts and let the cake cool for another 10 minutes.
9. While the cake is still in the pan, place a cake rack on top, turn it over and remove the pan.

10. Allow the cake to cool completely.
11. Brush any loose crumbs from the cake.

12. Place a cake board or platter on top of the cake, again turn it over and remove the rack.

13. Now is the time to assemble multiple-piece letters, and to frost and decorate your creation.


Important Notes

SIZE: In the Number and Letter Section below, the figures shown at the top of each page are 14" long, and 10" long at the bottom of the pages. Try your hand at figures that are 12, 8 and 6" long, as well as many other special shapes and forms not shown here.

VOLUME: Approximately 10 squares in the large size Educated Cake Pan are equivalent to an 8" round pan. So count the squares to determine the amount of batter needed. Experiment with other size pans.

SHAPES: Most figures are made in the pan in their final shapes, but some need a small amount of cutting or arranging. Diagrams show areas to be filled with batter, dotted lines show cuts and dark areas not to be used in the final figure. In cases where rearrangement is needed, a second diagram shows the assembled figure.


Numbers & Letters Diagrams

1,2 3,4 5,6 7,8
9,0 a,b c,d e,f
g h,i j,k k,l
m,n o,p q r
s,t t,u v w
x y z  


Wedding Cake Construction

educated cake pan wedding cake construction


Jell-o® Molding

All Jell-o® figures are made in reverse, as they are only turned over once.

One 3 oz. package makes 3-1/2 squares using mold instructions.

Mold Instructions

Set up desired figure IN REVERSE in the pan.

Place in refrigerator to chill.

Add 1 cup boiling water to gelatin.

Stir until dissolved, about 2 minutes.

Add 3/4 cup cold water.

Place in the refrigerator until thickened before adding fruit, vegetables or spooning into the figure that is being made.

Place back in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.

To unmold, edge with knife and place pan in warm water to the rim for about 10 seconds.

Place a wet serving plate on top of the pan, invert.

Decorate as desired.

DO NOT use fresh or frozen pineapple or kiwi fruit.

To make a design, put a thin layer of partial thickened gelatin in the bottom of chilled pan.

Place your choice of fruit or vegetables on top.


Checkerboard Jell-o® and Cake

educated cake pan checkerboard cake diagram  
Cake Squares

1. Using 8 inserts place in every other square.

2. Place 4 inserts across the 5th row.

3. Fill squares that DO NOT have the inserts 1/2 fill with cake batter.

4. Bake as recipe instructs.

5. Cool on cake rack 5 minutes and remove inserts; now allow cake to cool completely in the pan.

Jell-o® Squares

1. Mix 3 packages gelatin (3 oz. ea.) with 3 cups hot water until all is dissolved. Add 2-1/4 cups cold water.

2. Place in refrigerator until thickened.

3. Spoon thickened gelatin in squares around the cake.

4. Place back in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.

5. Edge gelatin with a knife.

6. Place pan in warm water for 10 seconds.

7. Place serving plate on top and invert.

8. Frost with whipped cream.

9. Keep chilled until serving.


Upside Down Cake

1. Place in Educated Cake Pan the necessary inserts for your figure of choice.

2. Melt 5 tablespoons butter in a sauce pan and add 1 cup (firmly packed) brown sugar.

3. Heat slowly until butter and sugar are blended.

4. Spread in pan where cake batter will be poured.

5. Drain crushed or chunk pineapples well.

6. Place on top of the brown sugar and butter mixture.

7. Place well-drained Maraschino Cherry halves on top of each pineapple slice.

8. Pour the cake batter over the mixture until half full.

9. Bake according to cake mix instructions.

10. Cool in pan for 10 minutes.

11. Remove inserts, place serving plate on top of the cake, and invert.

12. Serve warm or cold, with or without whipped cream.

Brown sugar mixture is enough for 18 squares.


Rolls or Bread

Use your favorite roll or bread recipe.

Pinch off small pieces and form balls about the size of a small walnut.

The amount needed will depend on the figure you are using.

Dip balls in melted butter or margarine.

Place balls in outline of figure, making sure most areas are covered.

Cover tightly with a cloth and set aside in a warm place until double in bulk.

Bake as instructed for your recipe.

Individual rolls are made by placing 3 balls that have been dipped in butter and placed in an insert.

For bread, measure the length of the figure of choice; then roll the dough about 1" in circumference.

If cross pieces are needed, slit dough and add pieces by pinching together.

Brush top with melted butter.

Individual bread rolls are made by making a ball the size of half the insert; place in the insert and brush with melted butter.



educated cake pan stripes diagram


Special Forms

Train, Dollar Sign,
Cross, Th

train, dollar sign, cross, th
Truck, Car,
Small Racer, Large Racer

truck, car, sm racer, lg racer



Extra batter may be used to make additional square cupcakes or petit fours, by placing cake batter in the inserts 1/2 full. Be sure to grease and flour first. Use a knife blade to assure that the corners are filled. Petit fours may be decorated as Baby Blocks, Gift Boxes, Dice and Playing Cards in Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.

For layer cakes, place 4 inserts across the center of the pan for two 8x6" cakes.

Place lettuce on top of gelatin mold before inverting on serving plate.

Cream cheese mixed with salad dressing makes a nice mixture for decorating a vegetable gelatin mold.

Brownies or chocolate chip cookies would make any child from 1 to 100 very happy.

Try your favorite pate` or cheese mousse for your next party.

With the Educated Cake Pan the possibilities are endless.

burvelle educated cake pan instruction manualEditor's Note:

The recipes noted above are for the original pans, which were 14" (large) and 10" (small) long.

The images and instructions come from an old set of instructions, and although care has been taken to insure accuracy, the recipes have not been tested by us.




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