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-Egg Poacher Inserts
-Egg Poachers
-Electric Egg Cooker
-Microwave Egg Cookers
-Frittata Pan
-Folding Omelet Pan With Poaching Inserts
-Carbon Steel Omelet Pans
-Egg Coddlers
Egg Tips-Egg Tips

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Egg Cookers

- Buy clean eggs
- Refrigerate eggs
- Use eggs promptly
- Freeze eggs for longer storage
- Handle eggs safely
- Hard-cook eggs
- Use safe egg recipes
- Don't eat raw eggs
- Using raw eggs safely
- Using an electric frying pan
- Keep eggs from sticking
Read more Egg Tips about handling and using eggs.

Egg Poacher Inserts

Traditional Tinned Steel Perforated Single Egg Poacher Combrichon Traditional Perforated Single Egg Poacher

3-3/4" long,
2-3/4" wide,
6-3/4" high overall,
Perforated bottom,
Traditional tinned steel,
Hand wash only
Made in France
One-egg non-stick poacher One-Egg Poacher, Non-Stick

2.75" round,
1.5" deep,
2.3" long handle,
Non stick over steel,
Made in Taiwan
Hang or stand poacher in pan of boiling water at a level just below edge of cup.
poach pod

PoachPod silicone egg poachers
PoachPod®, 2-Pk

Includes 2 pods,
Approx. 3.5" at widest points,
2.5" high "handles",
1.5" high sides at lowest points,
Non-stick silicone,
Heat resistant to 675°F,
Top rack dishwasher safe,
Microwave and freezer safe
Made in China
Use it to poach eggs, melt chocolate, bake flan, cakes and more.
Floats in water during cooking.

PoachPod Lift

9" long,
A tool for placing PoachPods in and out of water,
End of handle can be used to release the egg from PoachPods when needed.
BPA-free nylon,
Dishwasher safe,
Made in China
Works with both the original PoachPod and PoachPpodStainless
Nordic Ware non-stick egg poacher pan insert Nordic Ware Non-Stick Egg Poacher Pan Insert

9" diameter,
0.75" deep wells,
1.2" high to top of knob,
Wells approx. 4" wide,
Non-stick over steel,
Heat resistant plastic knob,
5 year limited warranty,
Made in USAMade in USA
Fits 10" to 12" skillets.
Tovolo Perfect Poach - 20 Egg Poaching Bags Tovolo Perfect Poach - 20 Egg Poaching Bags

5.75" long,
4.5" wide when flat,
Treated paper bag is non-stick, recyclable and compostable,
Made in UK
Tovolo Perfect Poach Instructions Tovolo Perfect Poach Instructions
How to Poach an egg
1) Bring about 2 inches of water with a dash of vinegar to the simmering point in a pan.
2) Lightly grease the inside of the poaching cup.
3) Gently break a farm-fresh egg into the cup. (Old eggs will run; only use fresh eggs.)
4) Carefully stand the cup in the simmering water.
5) Typical cooking time is 3 minutes, however we recommend 5 minutes for egg safety.


Egg Poachers

endurance one-egg poacher Endurance One Egg Poacher

10" long overall,
3-3/4" high with lid,
4-1/2" diameter,
2-1/4" deep,
5-3/4" long handle,
18/10 stainless steel pan,
Non stick insert
Made in China
4- egg poacher

4-egg poacher
Endurance 4-Egg Poacher

7.5" round,
6" long handle,
2" high, 4" high with lid,
1 qt. capacity,
Tri-ply base,
Removable insert,
Non-stick interior of egg cups,
Cups have removable wire handles,
Tempered glass lid with metal rim,
18/10 stainless steel
Made in China


Electric Egg Cooker

chef'schoice electric egg cooker

chef'schoice electric egg cooker
Chef'sChoice Gourmet Egg Cooker

6" high,
7 x 8-1/2" base,
3 position egg poaching dish,
Handled egg tray,
Non-stick water reservoir,
Vari-Cook™ slider for soft, medium or hard boiled eggs,
On/off switch with indicator light,
Electronic timer with audible ready signal,
Brushed stainless steel design,
ETL ListedETL Listed 120v, 60hz, 350 watts,
1 year limited warranty,
Model 810
Made in China


Microwave Egg Cookers

Lekue Microwave Omelet Cooker Red

Lekue Microwave Omelet Cooker Red

Lekue Microwave Omelet Cooker Red
Lekue Microwave Omelet Cooker Red

9" long, 4" wide, 1.4" high,
8.7 oz capacity,
Heat resistant non-stick platinum silicone,
Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe,
10 year limited warranty
-Add ingredients to bottom half, cover, and cook. Flip the cooker over shortly before it's finished cooking.
Watch Video Demonstration Watch Video Demonstration
joe boiley microwave egg boiler

joe boiley microwave egg boiler
Joe Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler

4" high,
2-3/4" at its widest,
Soft, medium or hard in 3-5 minutes,
For microwave only,
Twist to open or lock
Made in China


Frittata Pan

Cuisinart Fritata Pan Set

Cuisinart Frittata Pan Set
Frittata Non-Stick Set

10" diameter,
19" long with handles,
4.5" high assembled,
Non-stick interior,
Aluminum construction,
Dishwasher safe,
Ergonomically shaped handles,
Loop handles lock together when closed, for ease in turning the pan over,
For use on stovetops, and at up to 350°F in ovens,
Limited lifetime warranty


Folding Omelet Pan

Folding Omelet Pan / Egg Poacher - NonStick - 3 Inserts Folding Omelet Pan with Egg Poacher Inserts, Non Stick

9.25" wide,
1.5" high,
Non-stick coated aluminum,
Removable 3-egg poacher insert,
Made in Taiwan
For omelets, cook mixture on both sides of open pan. When almost done, fold short side over to drop mixture onto other side for final cooking.
Good quality, but not excellent in manufacture; it's all we could find right now. n


Carbon Steel Omelet Pans

Matfer black steel omelet pan

Detail of Matfer black steel omelet pan
Matfer Black Steel Omelet Pan, 8.6"

8.6" top diameter,
5.9" bottom inside diameter,
1.5" deep,
0.1" (2.5 mm) thick steel body,
7" long iron handle,
Weighs 2.6 lbs,
Made in EU
Use & Care Instructions Care Instructions
Matfer Black Steel Omelet Pan, 10.25"

10.25" top diameter,
7.25" bottom inside diameter,
1.5" deep,
0.1" (2.5 mm) thick steel body,
8.4" long iron handle,
Weighs 3.6 lbs,
Made in EU
Use & Care Instructions Care Instructions
Matfer Black Steel Omelet Pan, 11.8"

11.8" top diameter,
8.75" bottom inside diameter,
1.6" deep,
0.1" (2.5 mm) thick steel body,
10" long iron handle,
Weighs 4.7 lbs,
Made in EU
Use & Care Instructions Care Instructions
Carbon steel french omelet pan

Carbon steel French omelet pan
French Omelet Pan, Carbon Steel, 10.25"

10-1/4" top diameter,
7-1/2" bottom,
2" high,
7" long handle,
Carbon steel
Made in China
(Use & Care of Carbon Steel)
French Omelet Pan, Carbon Steel, 9.5"

9-3/8" top diameter,
7" bottom,
1-7/8" high,
7" long handle,
Carbon steel
Made in China
(Use & Care of Carbon Steel)


Egg Coddlers

Porcelain egg coddlers Porcelain Egg Coddlers,
Set of 2

Discontinued by Manufacturer
4.7" high to top of hoop,
3.25" high container,
2.8" round,
White porcelain,
Stainless steel lip and lid,
Dishwasher safe,
Made in China
Click for PDF Instructions

- Hold the lid (not the loop) to close & open.
- Only use the loop for lifting the coddler.
- Do not screw on lid too tightly.
- Use a towel or potholder when handling the hot coddler.
- Wash as soon as possible when cool enough to handle.

How to Coddle an Egg

· Lightly butter the inside of the coddler.
· Break 1 or 2 eggs into the coddler and add salt, pepper, and/or your special seasonings and other ingredients.
· With the lid on, place the coddler in boiling water that reaches only half-way up the coddler.
· Allow to simmer for 5 minutes or more (for 1 egg) to 8 minutes (for more than 1 egg and when other ingredients, besides seasonings, are added).
· Always use a dishtowel when handling a hot coddler.


Egg Tips

Buy Clean Eggs
· At the store, choose Grade A or AA eggs with clean, whole (not cracked) shells. Make sure the eggs have been refrigerated in the store. Any bacteria present in an egg can multiply quickly at room temperature.

Refrigerate Eggs
· Take eggs straight home and store them immediately in the refrigerator. Store eggs in the carton in the coldest part of the refrigerator (not the door). Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than in one week in the fridge. Don't wash eggs.

Use Eggs Promptly
· Use raw shell eggs within 3 to 5 weeks (check date on carton). Hard-cooked eggs will keep refrigerated one week. Use leftover yolks and whites within 4 days.
· If eggs crack on the way home from the store, break them into a clean container, cover tightly and keep refrigerated for use within 2 days.

Freeze Eggs for Longer Storage
· Eggs should not be frozen in their shells. To freeze whole eggs, beat yolks and whites together. Eggs whites can be frozen by themselves. Use frozen eggs within one year.
· If eggs freeze accidentally in their shell, keep them frozen until needed. Defrost them in the refrigerator. Discard any with cracked shells.
· Unopened carton of egg substitutes can be kept frozen for one year.

Handle Eggs Safely
· Wash hands, utensils, equipment and work areas with warm, soapy water before and after contact with eggs and egg-rich foods.
· Don't keep eggs, including Easter eggs, out of refrigeration for more than 2 hours. Serve cooked eggs and egg-rich foods immediately after cooking, or place leftovers in shallow containers for quick cooling and refrigerate at once. Use within 3 to 4 days.

Cook Eggs
· Hard cooked eggs should be safe for everyone to eat. Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, children and pregnant women should avoid eating soft-cooked or "runny" eggs. To tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it; if the egg spins easily, it is hard-cooked, but if it wobbles, it's raw.

Use Safe Egg Recipes
· Egg mixtures are safe if they reach 160° F. Homemade ice cream and eggnog, for example, can be made safely from a cooked base. Heat the egg-milk mixture gently. Use a thermometer or be sure the mixture coats a metal spoon.
· Dry meringue shells, divinity candy, 7-minute frosting (made by combining hot sugar syrup and egg whites) are safe.
· Meringue topped pies should be safe if baked at 350° F for about 15 minutes. Chiffon pies and fruit whips made with raw, beaten eggs whites cannot be guaranteed safe. Substitute whipped cream or whipped topping.
· To make key lime pie safely, heat the lime (or lemon) juice with the raw egg yolks in a pan on the stove, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches 160° F. Then, combine it with the sweetened condensed milk and put into the baked pie crust. For meringue topping, bake as above.
· For egg dishes such as quiche and casseroles, insert a knife in the center. It should come out clean.

Don't Eat Raw Eggs
· This includes "health-food" milk shakes made with raw eggs, Caesar salad dressing, Hollandaise sauce and any other foods like homemade mayonnaise, ice cream or eggnog made from recipes in which raw egg ingredients are not cooked.

Using Raw Eggs
· To make a recipe safe that specifies using eggs that aren't cooked, heat the shelled eggs in a liquid from the recipe over low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches 160°F. Then combine it with the other ingredients and complete the recipe.
· To determine doneness in egg dishes such as quiche and casseroles, the center of the mixture should reach 160°F when measured with a food thermometer.
· Use pasteurized eggs or egg products when preparing recipes that call for using eggs raw or undercooked.

The above Egg Tips are from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety and the US Dept of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service.

Egg Cooking Recommendations Using an Electric Frying Pan

· SCRAMBLING: With an electric fry pan set at 250° F, after one minute the temperature of the scrambled eggs should be 160° F.
· POACHING: Cook at least 5 minutes in boiling water.
· SUNNYSIDE EGGS: With an electric fry pan set at 250° F, fry for at least 7 minutes to ensure heat reaches top of egg yolk.
· SUNNYSIDE EGGS COVERED: With an electric fry pan set at 250° F, cook for at least 4 minutes.
· FRIED EGGS LIGHTLY OVER: With an electric fry pan set at 250° F, cook at least 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other.
· BOILED EGGS IN SHELL: Cook in boiling water for at least 7 minutes.

Keep Eggs from Sticking:

Eggs and other high-protein foods tend to stick more than others to metal surfaces, so here are some tips to help:

· The pan must be perfectly clean
· Add enough oil to more than coat the pan
· Pan and oil should be pretty hot before adding egg
· At the right tempterature, the oil keeps the egg elevated off the metal surface; the result of a bit of trial-and-error
· Egg should be at room temp
· Break egg in bowl and gently lower into hot oil
· You should hear a sizzle (right temp) but not a popping sound (too hot)

For greater ease of use, and when adding less oil or fat is more desirable, we generally recommend non-stick pans, or well-seasoned steel and iron pans, for cooking high-protein foods like eggs.


Kenwood Automatic Egg Cooker Kenwood EC-100
Automatic Egg Cooker

Currently not available
6.75" high,
5.5" round base
Non stick pan is 4.5" round, 5/8" deep,
Comes with 3-egg poacher and 4-egg boiler inserts, graduated measuring cup (not shown) for soft, hard or poached eggs, with egg piercer on bottom,
On indicator light,
Unit turns down the heat and chirps when eggs are perfectly cooked, to remind you to turn it off; if you don't turn it off, it heats up again and repeats the process, for continuous cooking.
Underwriter Laboratories ListedUL Listed, 120v, 400w
Made in China
90 day warranty



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