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The 9th Street Italian Market

South Philadelphia historic 9th Street Italian Market
Cart vendors serving people along the sidewalk

The oldest open-air market in the country, South Philadelphia's 9th Street Italian Market was established in the late 1800's by Southern Italian immigrants.

It continues to be the neighborhood's most popular destination for its many outdoor stands of fresh fruits and vegetables, for its purveyors of meats, cheeses, breads, and pastries, and for the wide variety of ethnic eateries. It is one of the most visited sites in Philadelphia by people from all over the world.

In its beginnings, the neighborhood was the favorite landing place of a large wave of Italian immigrants because of the availability of work in the many area factories, farms, and other industries. 9th Street's Palumbo's boarding house was central to their transition. The Palumbo family gave them a temporary home, found them work, and helped many find a permanent place nearby in which to live.

Italians and other immigrants saw the need to fill the food and other material needs of the increased neighborhood population, and started setting up businesses.

Apr 27, 1915 Italian MarketIt was customary for vendors of produce and home goods to park their wheeled carts in front of their home, on a busy corner, or to wheel them around the neighborhood each day. Gradually, most vendors moved their activities from the side streets and alleys to the busier 9th St blocks. And as the number of cart vendors, sidewalk stands, and storefront businesses increased, the area became popularly known as the Italian Market.

Daily, starting before dawn, vendors pushed their wheeled carts a mile or more to Delaware Avenue, to procure their foodstocks and other goods from the ships docked between South Street and Washington Avenue, so they would be ready to re-sell them on 9th St when the day began. Lacking refrigeration, it was necessary to buy food provisions daily, and the Italian Market offered a convenient, centralized location and everything needed to prepare the day's meals, as well as clothing and other household goods.

1954 - South from 9th & CarpenterThe market developed steadily, changed to suit the times, and hit its full zenith in the 1960's. It became "Philly's supermarket", and a favorite tourist destination. There were 30 butcher shops and 23 fish stores, and the fruit, vegetable, and other stands extended uninterrupted from Wharton to Christian. Jewish people sold clothing, Greeks had spice stores, and Italians the rest, mostly.

The expansion of supermarkets and department stores, the closing of the clothing factories along Washington Ave, the steady withdrawal of homeowners to the suburbs, and many other factors made this mostly a weekend market, for a time. And the number of vendors shrank, until not so long ago.

1954 - Esposito's MeatsMany reputable specialty stores and outdoor stands have withstood the test of time, and have thrived. New waves of immigrant have made the Market their home, adding color and unusual foods, filling the stores, stands and street carts. Groups of Koreans came first, then Vietnamese, Cambodians and Mexicans, among others. As it was when Italian immigrants started it, it's still a Market of immigrants.

The street carts still have wheels on them, canvas overhangs still protect them from sun and rain, and corrugated roofs still cover the sidewalks. Neon signs pervade storefront windows as they have for decades. Politicians still come out to talk to people along the sidewalk at election time, and celebrities still dart through the market stores regularly.

Products now come in trucks, from seaports, airports, and from places all over the world. The wide variety of authentic ethnic foods still abounds, and maintains the distinction and appeal that the 9th Street Italian Market has, to food lovers from everywhere.

Giordano's Fruit & ProduceThe sidewalks are busy all day long with shoppers, and into the night with strolling diners, as the many quality eateries fill with patrons from near and far. Although frequented mostly by neighbors, it is still one of the main tourist destinations in Philadelphia.

The original Italian Market was located between Washington Ave and Christian St on 9th, extending onto nearby streets. With the natural expansion of stores and businesses over time, the Market is now generally considered to extend from Wharton to Fitzwater along 9th, and spilling onto nearby streets, with outdoor stands between Federal and Christian.

Most stores and stands are open all day Tuesday through Saturday, until about 5pm, and also on Sunday mornings. Most merchants still close on Mondays, as they have probably since the beginning of the Market. After all, with leftovers from the big traditional family Sunday dinners, no one needed to shop for food on Monday, so it became a day of rest. Cart vendors begin their day around 8:00 during the week, and 7:00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Some stores and most restaurants are open into the night hours.

· Exerpted from Mariella's presentation to many tour groups who visit our store
· Also see Joan Saverino's Article and the History of Fante's


Butcher Shop in the Italian Market

Inside one of the Italian Market's many butcher shops, that specialize in every meat imaginable

Kiss Me I'm Italian

Cookware, Italian bread, cheese, oils, groceries, variety stores, souvenirs and so much more

Vegetable Stands in the Italian Market

Vegetable vendors
at stands line the street, from early morning to late afternoon between Tuesday and Saturday, and until early afternoon on Sundays

Seafood Shop in the Italian Market

A wide variety of fresh seafood can be found in
the stores and at outside stands

Fresh and dry ingredients from the Italian Market

Abundant fresh and dried ingredients of all sorts can be found here. Spices, pastas, Italian candies and pastries, beans, coffee, teas

Cookbooks from the Italian Market Area

Recipes & Memoirs of the Italian Market - S. D'Angelo And Now We Call It Gravy, Recipes and memoirs on the Italian Market, by Sonny D'Angelo

History, tastes and the culinary wonders that were once prevalent, and the evolution of Italian-American cuisine through family recipes, with their quirks, passions and preferences. Sonny owns a meat market on 9th St.
138 pages, top-spiral bound on cardboard easel-back.
95 recipes included, from appetizers to desserts.


Italian Market Historical Information

Apr 27, 1915 Italian Market 1915 - Northeast from 9th & Washington
High Resolution: 1.18 MB 600dpi
May 23, 1937 Italian Market 1937 - South from 9th & Washington
High Resolution: 1.29 MB 600dpi
Jul 26, 1936 Italian Market 1936 - North from 9th & Montrose
High Resolution: 1.30 MB 600dpi
Apr 27, 1915 Italian Market 1915 - Southwest from 9th & Washington
High Resolution: 890 KB 600dpi
charter of the south ninth street businessmens assn - 1916
The original Charter of the South Ninth Street Businessmen's Association, from 1916.

1954 - South from 9th & Carpenter
1954 - South from 9th & Carpenter
947-51 S 9th St
1954 - 947-51 S. 9th St.

1954 - SW 9th & Carpenter
1954 - Southeast from 9th & Carpenter

Images from
1954 - SW 9th & Carpetner
1954 - Southwest from 9th & Carpenter

1954 - NE 9th & Carpenter
1954 - Northeast from 9th & Carpenter
Historical Society of PennsylvaniaRead an interesting historical account
by Joan Saverino
for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania:
The Ninth Street Market and South Philadelphia

• Also see: 9th St Market History on


Guided Tours of the Italian Market

South Philly walking tours
South Philly Walking Tours

Andy Maunder - 215-280-3746
Awfully Nice Tours
Philadelphia Guided Driving Tours

Andy Maunder - 215-280-3746
Free Tours By Foot



The South 9th Street Italian Market Festival

9th Street Italian Market Festival
9th Street Italian Market Festival
May 17-18 2014


Some of our Italian Market Neighbors

Official web pages of Philadelhpia's Italian Market

919 S Ninth St
Open during the day Tuesday through Sunday

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Restroom facilities are available in most sit-down eateries for patrons
only. A portable restroom facility is located at 9th & Washington.
9th St Italian Market
• Directory by Block
• 9th: Wharton to Federal
• Near 9th & Federal
• 9th: Federal to Ellsworth
• Near 9th & Ellsworth
• 9th: Ellsworth to Washington
• Near 9th & Washington
• 9th: Washington to Carpenter
• Near 9th & Carpenter
• 9th: Carpenter to Christian
• Near 9th & Christian
• 9th: Christian to Catharine
• Near 9th & Catharine
• 9th: Catharine to Fitzwater
9th St - Wharton to Federal 9th St Italian Market
  Pat's King of Steaks  Pat's King of Steaks
1235 E. Passyunk Ave.
South Philly Bar & Grill South Philly Bar & Grill
1235 E. Passyunk Ave.
Geno's Steaks Geno's Steaks
1218 S. 9th St.
La Lupe Mexican Restaurant El Paisano Express Food
1201 S. 9th St.
Near 9th & Federal 9th St Italian Market
Iannelli's brick oven bakery Iannelli's Bakery
1155 E. Passyunk Ave.
Bitar's Eastern Mediterranean Grill Bitar's Eastern Mediterranean Grill
947 Federal St.
SliCE Pizzeria SliCE Gourmet Pizza
1180 S. 10th St.
Chickie's Italian Deli Chickie's Italian Deli
1014 Federal St.
9th St - Federal to Ellsworth 9th St Italian Market
J&J's South Philly Pizza J&J South Philly Pizza
1177 S. 9th St.
Rim Cafe Rim Cafe
1172 S. 9th St.
  Las Lomas Ristorante
1167 S. 9th St.
Los Taquitos de Puebla Restaurant
1149 S. 9th St.
El Detalle Flower & Gift Shop El Detalle Mexican Flower & Gift Shop
1146 S. 9th St.
Mole Poblano Restaurant Mole Poblano Restaurant
1144 S. 9th St.
Near 9th & Ellsworth 9th St Italian Market
Tenth St Laundromat Tenth St. Laundromat
1141 S. 10th St.
Devil's Den Philly Devil's Den Restaurant
1148 S. 11th St.
Originial Ricci's Hoagies Ricci's Hoagies
1165 S. 11th St.
Phila Archery & Gun Club Philadelphia Archery & Gun Club
831 Ellsworth St.
9th St - Ellsworth to Washington 9th St Italian Market
Bella Pizza Restaurant Bella Pizza Restaurant
1140 S. 9th St.
  El Pueblo Meat Market
1141 S. 9th St.
  Mexibike Repairs & Rentals
1139 S. 9th St.
Connie's Ric Rac Connie's Ric Rac Theater
1132 S. 9th St.
Teri's Deli Restaurant Teri's Deli Restaurant
1126 s. 9th St.
  Fiesta Acapulco Restaurant
1122 S. 9th St.
  Discolandia Records
1114 S. 9th St.
Restaurant And Taqueria Don Chucho Restaurant And Taqueria Don Chucho
1108 S. 9th St.
  Prima Pizza Taqueria Mexicana
1104 S 9th St.
  Wings & More
900 Washington Ave.
Anastasi Seafood Anastasi Seafood & Restaurant
1101 S 9th St.
Near 9th & Washington 9th St Italian Market
Center City Soft Pretzel Co Center City Soft Pretzel Co.
816 Washington Ave.
New Golden Palace Restaurant New Golden Palace Restaurant
801 Washington Ave.
Ba Le bakery & restaurant Ba Le Bakery & Restaurant
606 Washington Ave.
  International Smokeless Barbeque
600 Washington Ave.
  Wong Ki Restaurant
600 Washington Ave.
1st Oriental Supermarket 1st Oriental Supermarket
1111 S. 6th St.
906 Washington Ave.
Taqueria Veracruzana Taqueria Veracruzana
908 Washington Ave.
Plaza Garibaldi Restaurant Plaza Garibaldi Restaurant
935 Washington Ave.
Nam Phuong Restaurant Nam Phuong Restaurant
1100 Washington Ave.
  Pho & Cafe Viet Huong
1100 Washington Ave.
  Hung Vuong Supermarket
Wing Phat Plaza
1122 Washington Ave.
  Pho 75 Restaurant
1122 Washington Ave.
  Phat Kee Restaurant
1122 Washington Ave.
9th St - Washington to Carpenter 9th St Italian Market
Giordano's Fruit & Produce Giordano's Produce
1043 S. 9th St.
  Golden Donut
1038 S. 9th St.
  Nick & Cass Grocery & Candies
1036 S. 9th St.
Las Lomas Grocery & Bakery Las Lomas Grocery & Bakery
1034 S. 9th St.
Hollywood Meats Hollywood Meats
1039 S. 9th St.
Carl's Farm Eggs & Poultry Carl's Farm Eggs & Poultry
1037 S. 9th St.
  Marco's Fish & Crab House
1029 S. 9th St.
Taffets Gluten Free Bakery Taffets Bakery & Store
1024 S. Ninth St.
Mark Anthony Hair Stylist Mark Anthony's Hairstylist
1022 S. 9th St.
  K&O Fashion
1021 S. 9th St.
Cappuccio Meats Cappuccio's Meats
1019 S 9th St
Paesano's Paesano's Philly Style Restaurant
1017 S. 9th St.
  Darigo's Seafood
1015 S. 9th St.
Molly's Books & Records
1010 South 9th Street
George's Luncheonette George's Luncheonette
1007 S. 9th St.
215-574-9878 Fante's Kitchen Shop
1006 S. 9th St.
Lupita's Grocery Lupita's Grocery
1002 S. 9th St.
Esposito's Meats Esposito's Meats
1001 S. 9th St.
  C & S Discount
1000 S. 9th St.
Near 9th & Carpenter 9th St Italian Market
  C & S Paper & Party Goods
904 Carpenter St.
Down Dog Healing Cafe Down Dog Healing Cafe
1001 S 10th St
9th St - Carpenter to Christian 9th St Italian Market
Talluto's Italian Food Talluto's Authentic Italian Food
944 S. 9th St.
Grassia's Italian Market Spice Co. Grassia's Italian Market Spice Co.
949 S. 9th St.
Blue Corn Restaurant & Bar Blue Corn Restaurant & Bar
940 S. 9th St.
Cannuli's Meats Cannuli's Meats
937 S. 9th St.
Villa di Roma Villa DiRoma,
936 S. 9th St.
Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese Di Bruno Bros. Specialty Foods & Cheese
930 S. 9th St.
Los Amigos Food Market Los Amigos Food Market
927 S. 9th St.
Claudio Specialty Foods Claudio Specialty Foods
924 S. 9th St.
Claudio's Mozzarella Store Claudio's Mozzarella Store
922 S. 9th St.
South 9th St Italian Market Visitor Center Italian Market Visitor Center
919 S Ninth St
Open during Market hours, Tuesday to Sunday
Gleaner's Cafe Gleaner's Cafe Gallery
917 S. 9th St.
Anthony's Chocolate House Anthony's Chocolate House
915 S. 9th St.
  Scott & Judy Fruit & Produce
911 S. 9th St.
Nina's Trattoria Nina's Trattoria
910 S 9th St
D'Angelo Bros. Meat Market D'Angelo Bros. Meat Market
909 S. 9th St.
Anthony's Italian Coffee House House Anthony's Italian Coffee House
903 S. 9th St.
The Spice Corner The Spice Corner
904 S. 9th St.
Click here Betty Ann's Italian Market Florist
902 S. 9th St.
  George's Sandwich Shop
900 S. 9th St.
  Golden Donut
901 S. 9th St.
Lorenzo's Pizza Lorenzo's Pizza
900 S. 9th St.
Near 9th & Christian 9th St Italian Market
Al Zaytouna Eastern Mediterranean Restaurant Al Zaytouna Restaurant
906 Christian St.
Sabrina's Cafe Sabrina's Cafe
910 Christian St.
Monsu Restaurant
901 Christian St.
Superior Pasta Superior Pasta Shop
905 Christian St.
Michael Anastasio Produce Michael Anastasio Produce
911 Christian St.
St Paul Church St. Paul Church
808 S. Hutchinson St.
Santucci's Square Pizza Santucci's Squre Pizza
901 S. 10th St.
Isgro Pastries Isgro Pastries
1009 Christian St.
Fiorella's Sausage Fiorella's Sausage
817 Christian St.
John's Water Ice John's Water Ice
701 Christian St.
Royal Tavern Royal Tavern
937 E. Passyunk Ave.
Mario Lanza Institute & Museum Mario Lanza Institute & Museum
712 Montrose St.
St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi Church St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi Church
712 Montrose St.
12 Steps Down 12 Steps Down Bar & Restaurant
831 Christian St.
9th St - Christian to Catharine 9th St Italian Market
Triple Play Sports Triple Play Sports
827 S. 9th St.
Dan Khang Nha Trading Dan Khang Nha Trang Chinese Apothecary
820 S. 9th St.
Liberty Bellows Liberty Bellows
814 S. 9th St.
Tonino Montella Tonino Montella Instruments
806 S. 9th St.
Armando Rey Jewelers Armando Rey Jewelers
816 S. 9th St.
Near 9th & Catharine 9th St Italian Market
Hawthornes Hawthornes Beer Boutique & Gourmet Eatery
738 S. 11th St.
Bella Vista Beer Distributor Bella Vista Beer Distributor
738 South 11th St
Dante & Luigi's Dante & Luigi's Restaurant
762 S. 10th St.
Sam's Morning Glory Diner Morning Glory Diner
735 S. 10th St.
  Cafe Cuong
811 S. 8th St.
Cucina Forte Cucina Forte Restaurant
768 S. 8th St.
  Ma Ma Yolanda's
746 S. 8th St.
Vesuvio Restaurant Vesuvio
736 S. 8th St.
Ristorante Cent'Anni Cent'Anni Restaurant
770 S. 7th St.
Saloon Restaurant Saloon
750 S. 7th St.
9th - Catharine to Fitzwater 9th St Italian Market
  Bella Mia Ristorante
767 S. 9th St.
Ralph's Italian Restaurant Ralph's Italian Restaurant
760 S. 9th St.
Sarcone's Bakery Sarcone's Bakery
758 S. 9th St.
Sarcone's Deli Sarcone's Deli
734 S. 9th St.
And a bit off the beaten path, but worth a visit!9th St Italian Market
August Restaurant August Restaurant
1247 S. 13th St.
Faragalli's Bakery Faragalli's Bakery
1400 S. 13th St.
Victor Cafe Victor Cafe
1303 Dickinson St.
Francoluigi's Pizzeria & High Note Cafe Francoluigi's Pizzeria & High Note Cafe
1547 S. 13th St.
Dom's Shoe Repair Dom's Shoe Repair
1325 Tasker St.
Ristorante Tre Scalini Tre Scalini Ristorante
1915 E. Passyunk Ave.
Mr Martino's Trattoria Mr. Martino's Trattoria
1646 E. Passyunk Ave.
Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano
1637 E. Passyunk Ave.
Esposito's Porchetta Italian Style Esposito's Porchetta
1627 S. 10th St.
Da Vinci Ristorante Da Vinci Ristorante
1533 S. 11th St.
Vincenzo's Deli Vincenzo's Deli
1626 S. 9th St.
Termini Bros Bakery Termini Bros. Pasticceria
1523 S. 8th St.
Cacia's Bakery Cacia's Bakery
1526 Ritner St.
Philly Homebrew Outlet Philly Homebrew Outlet
1447 N. American St.
Home Sweet Homebrew Home Sweet Homebrew
2008 Sansom St.
Len Davidson Neon Museum of Philadelphia Len Davidson Neon Museum of Philadelphia
1218 Arch Street


Map of the 9th St Italian Market

(Click here to view the map in a separate window)


Civic Organizations serving the 9th St Italian Market area



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