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Page Contents:
-Fish Scalers
-Fish Bone Tweezers
-Clam Tools
-Oyster Tools & Plate
-Crab Tools
-Lobster Tools
-Shellfish Crackers
-Shrimp Cleaners
-Fish Flouring Pan
-Perfect Fish Cooking Measure
-Important Seafood Safety Tips

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Seafood Tools & Utensils

The timer is definitely a must-have for fish lovers. This simple device helps you determine cooking time by measuring the thickness of the fish.

Lots of other tools here to choose from, whatever your favorite seafood might be.

And please remember to review the Important Seafood Safety Tips at the bottom of this page.

Fish Scalers

Fabrikators Skrub'a Waterproof Fish Scrub Gloves Fabrikators Skrub'a
Waterproof Fish Scrub Gloves

Scale scraper patch on one glove,
For de-scaling and cleaning fish and seafood,
Waterproof layer,
Flexible one size design fits all,
Made with durable nylon, machine-washable and dishwasher-safe,
FDA approved.
Made in China
- Perfect aid to hold, clean and scrub seafood and fish without getting smelly fingers,
- Skrub'a gloves are hygienic, practical, and fun to use for both kids and adults!
stainless steel fish scaler Stainless Steel Fish Scaler

8-1/4" long overall,
1-3/4" wide head,
4" long hollow handle,
Sharp grater teeth,
Stainless steel
Made in Sweden


Fish Bone Tweezers

Messermeister fish bone pliers Messermeister Fish Bone Pliers

6" long,
Keep-open spring,
Stainless steel,
Santoprene handles,
Dishwasher safe,
Made in China
fish bone tweezers Fish Bone Tweezers

4-5/8" long,
1.25 mil thick,
Stainless steel,
Dishwasher safe,
Also use to remove fruit stems
Made in China


Clam Tools

narrow blade clam knife Clam Knife, 3", Narrow Blade

7" long overall,
3-1/8" long blade,
Nylon handle,
NSF approved,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil
wide blade clam knife Clam Knife, 3.25", Wide Blade

7-1/4" long overall,
3-1/2" long blade,
3-1/4" long edge,
Nylon handle,
NSF approved,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil
Stainless Clam Knife with Rosewood Handle Clam Knife

7-1/4" long,
3-1/4" long blade,
Stainless blade,
Rosewood handle with brass rivets
Made in China


Oyster Tools

Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Knife Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Knife

8" long.
3" long blade with tapered tip.
Pistol grip with finger guard.
Ambidextrous design.
Injection molded non-slip polypropylene handle.
Stainless steel blade.
Dishwasher safe
· Designed by world renowned shucker and Guinness record holder Patrick McMurrary.
Swissmar Shucker Paddy Video Link How to Use the Shucker Paddy Video
boston style 3" oyster knife Oyster Knife, 3" Boston Style

7" long overall,
3" long blade,
Nylon handle,
NSF approved,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil
new haven style 2.75" oyster knife Oyster Knife, 2.75" New Haven Style

6-3/4" long overall,
2-3/4" long blade,
Slightly curved tip,
Nylon handle,
NSF approved,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil
galveston style 4" oyster knife Oyster Knife, 4" Galveston Style

7-1/2" long overall,
3-3/4" long blade,
Nylon handle,
NSF approved,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil
Oxo Good Grips Oyster Knife Oxo Good Grips Oyster Knife

7" long,
Stainless blade,
Soft rubber grip handle,
Dishwasher safe
Made in Taiwan
6" oyster fork Oyster Fork

5.5" long,
5/8" wide at tines,
3 tines,
Polished stainless steel,
Made in Japan
Heavy Porcelain Oyster Plate Heavy Porcelain Oyster Plate

9" wide,
9.25" high,
Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe
Made in China


Crab Tools

Pewtarex sea food tool Pewtarex Sea Food Tool

6.25" long,
1.25" wide head,
Cracker and pick,
Food-safe non-ferrous metals simulate antique pewter castings,
Each piece individually sand casted,
Polished finish,
Washing by hand recommended,
Made in USAMade in USA
Click for PDF Use and Care
Pewtarex crab mallet Pewtarex Crab Mallet

5.4" long,
2" wide head,
Food-safe non-ferrous metals simulate antique pewter castings,
Each piece individually sand casted,
Polished finish,
Washing by hand recommended,
Made in USAMade in USA
Click for PDF Use and Care
Wooden Crab Mallet Wooden Crab Mallet

7.75" long,
Head is 2" x 1.25" round,
Natural wood
Mr Crab Zipper Mr Crab Zipper

6-1/4" long,
1/4" thick handle,
Heavy plastic,
Dishwasher safe,
Opens lobster, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp and crawfish
Made in USA Made in USA


Lobster Tools

Set of 4 Stainless Seafood Forks Seafood Forks, Set of 4

7" long,
1/2" long tines,
3/4" long spoon,
1/8" thick with flat area for holding,
Stainless steel
Made in Taiwan


Shellfish Crackers

Zyliss Unbreakable Seafood Cracker Zyliss Seafood Cracker, Red

6-3/4" long,
3/4" wide handles,
High impact unbreakable plastic,
5 year warranty
Made in China
Red Claws Lobster Cracker Red Claws Lobster Cracker

5-1/2" long,
Coated aluminum alloy
Made in Taiwan


Shrimp Cleaners

Lamson Pro Shrimp Deveiner Lamson Pro Shrimp Deveiner

7-1/2" long overall,
3" long curved blade,
Serrated tip on concave side,
Sharp edge on convex side,
High-carbon stainless steel blade,
Half-tang with brass rivets,
Oiled walnut hardwood handle,
Limited lifetime warranty,
Made in USA Made in USA
To shell and deveign, push the blade through the shell, and pull up. Flip the blade over to butterfly shrimp.
HIC shrimp deveiner HIC Shrimp Deveiner, 10.7"

10.7" long,
White plastic,
Made in China
-Insert point at tail to remove vein and peel.
-Cleans any size shrimp.


Fish Flouring Strainer Pan

12" fish flouring sieve 12" Stainless Steel Fish Flouring Sieve

12" diameter,
3.3" high,
Extruded screen approx. 1/4",
Stainless steel,
Imported from Italy


Perfect Fish Timer

Perfect Fish Cooking Timer Perfect Fish Cooking Timer

Currently unavailable
6-1/2" long,
Measures fish up to 4-1/2" thick,
Gives cooking time in minutes,
Double the time for frozen fish,
For whole fish, fillets, steaks, stuffed and frozen fish
Made in China


Seafood Safety Tips

From the Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety

Selecting Seafood

  • Fresh and frozen fish should be handled properly at all times. Fish is highly susceptible to deterioration.
  • Good fresh fish can be distinguished from old fish by marked differences in appearance. Fresh fish have bright red, moist gills and the eyes are bulging and clear. The flesh and belly areas should be firm and elastic. The flesh should not pull away from the bones easily, and the scales should stick to the flesh. Look for skin that is vibrant and bright.
  • Fresh fish do not have a noticeably strong, fishy odor.
  • An unacceptable fish will have gill slants that are gray or gray-green and dry, and gills that are darker and dull red, brownish or gray. Unacceptable fish also have cloudy, red-bordered and sunken eyes and the flesh is soft and yielding. If finger pressure is applied, the impression will remain. If the fish has an ammonia odor, the deterioration is advanced. Fish may also contain parasites, tumors, abscesses and cysts. Do not eat fish that show any of the signs of deterioration.
  • Only buy fish from reputable sources. Your fish monger should be able to tell you where fish were caught, when they were caught and delivered to the store.
  • Only buy fresh seafood that is refrigerated or properly iced.
  • Fresh seafood and cooked, ready-to-eat seafood like shrimp, crabs or smoked fish, should be stored in separate display cases. Cross-contamination can occur between raw seafood and cooked seafood.
  • Like other food packages, don't buy frozen seafood if the packages are ripped, open or damaged.
  • Fish should not be frozen, thawed and then refrozen. Indications that frozen fish packages have been refrozen include frost or ice crystals, packages stored above the frost line, a sour odor and an off-color. Brown coloring at the edges of a fillet is also a sign of refreezing.
  • Also check the quality of lobsters, crabs and shellfish. The shell of a live lobster should be hard and heavy. Live lobsters and crabs should show signs of movement. The tails of live lobsters should curl under when picked up. The shells of clams and oysters should be closed if they are alive. Partly open shells might indicate that the clams, oysters and mussels are dead. To determine if they are alive, tap the shells; if the shells close, they are alive.
  • The edible portions of frozen lobsters should have firm flesh. If the lobster gives off a strong odor, do not eat it.

Storing Seafood

  • Most refrigerated fish should not be stored for longer than 1 or 2 days.
  • Refrigerate seafood in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Wrap the seafood loosely and allow air to circulate freely around the package.
  • Discard shellfish if they die during storage or if their shells crack or creak. Tap the shell to check if the shellfish are alive. The shellfish will close up when the shell is tapped.
  • Most seafood can be kept in freezer storage for 3 to 6 months.
  • Wrap seafood in moisture-proof freezer paper or foil for freezer storage.
  • Freezers should be 0° F for maximum freezer storage. Increased temperatures affect freezer storage and foods deteriorate more quickly.

Preparing Seafood

  • Always wash hands with hot, soapy water before handling any food.
  • Like meat and poultry, thaw seafood in the refrigerator, never on the counter. Place the frozen seafood in the refrigerator the night before preparation to maintain best quality.
  • To thaw seafood quickly, put in a plastic bag and immerse in cold water for about an hour, or microwave on defrost. Stop the defrost cycle while the fish is still icy but pliable.
  • All fish, poultry and meat should be marinated in the refrigerator.
  • Never use a marinade for fish, poultry or meat as a sauce. Instead, reserve some of the marinade for the sauce before adding the raw food.
  • Preventing cross-contamination during seafood preparation is especially important. This is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness related to seafood.
  • Use separate cutting boards, utensils and plates for raw seafood and for cooked seafood. Never use the same plate to carry raw seafood to the grill and then carry the cooked seafood from the grill using the same, unwashed plate.

Cooking Seafood

  • Seafood should reach an internal temperature of 145° F for 15 seconds.
  • Another way to check for doneness of fish is to slip the point of a sharp knife into the flesh and pull aside. The edges should be opaque and the center slightly translucent with flakes beginning to separate. Let the fish stand for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Check the color of shrimp, lobster and scallops for doneness. Shrimp and lobster turn red and the flesh becomes pearly opaque. Scallops turn milky white or opaque and firm.
  • Clams, mussels and oysters are done when the shells open. Discard any that stay closed.

Serving Seafood

  • Always keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
  • Do not keep cooked food out of refrigeration for more than 2 hours.



mussel and shellfish opener Mussel & Shellfish Opener

Currently unavailable
7-1/4" long,
3" long blade,
Nickel plated aluminum body,
Heavy gauge stainless steel forked blade,
Handles come apart for cleaning
Made in ItalyMade in Italy
Made of a lighter-weight metal than the original.



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