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-Coffee & Tea
-Cutlery & Related Tools
-Small Electrics

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Tools to Outfit Your Kitchen

Use this list to determine what you may need or want to add in your kitchen. It can also come in handy when choosing a gift for someone.

♦♦♦♦ Starter Kitchen
Tools marked with 4 diamonds may be suitable for a single person or young couple who is an occasional cook, or for a college apartment. They are the basic tools that should probably be in every kitchen.

♦♦♦ Standard Kitchen
Add tools marked with 3 diamonds to the Starter Kitchen for a person or family who likes to cook, and who cooks often.

♦♦ Well Stocked Kitchen
Add tools marked with 2 diamonds for the cook who likes many varied recipes, and who loves to experiment with new recipes.

Luxury & Specialty Kitchen
The Well Stocked Kitchen will add tools from this list with every new experimental recipe. You will see collections of these tools in the kitchens of many successful chefs. Any item marked with 1 diamond would also be an excellent gift for the aspiring chef in your life.

♦♦♦♦Basting brush
♦♦♦♦Cake pans
♦♦♦♦Cookie sheet
♦♦♦♦Cooling racks
♦♦♦♦Glass baking dishes
♦♦♦Ceramic oven-to-table baking dishes
♦♦♦Cookie cutters and stamps
♦♦♦Cookie gun or press
♦♦♦Icing bags & decorating tips
♦♦♦Icing spatula
♦♦♦Jelly roll pan
♦♦♦Kugelhopf or tube pan
♦♦♦Loaf pans
♦♦♦Muffin pans & liners
♦♦♦Pizza stone
♦♦Aebleskiver pan
♦♦Apple baker
♦♦Brioche molds
♦♦Brotform basket
♦♦Flavors, extracts & oils
♦♦Food colors
♦♦Pastry board
♦♦Pie pans
♦♦Pizza pans
♦♦Pocket pastry maker
♦♦Poffertjes pan
♦♦Quiche pans
♦♦Rolling pin
♦♦Tart pans
Charlotte pan
Coeur a la creme mold
Cornstick pan
Creme brulee
Decorating turntable
Flan pans
Kransekake forms
Madeleine pan
Panettone mold
Platt pan
Pot de creme
Rolling mats
Rosette molds
Souffle dishes
Springerle molds
Springform pans
Stacks and rings
Steam pudding pan
Stollen mold


♦♦♦♦Travel mug
♦♦♦♦Tea infuser
♦♦♦♦Water kettle, stovetop
♦♦♦French press
♦♦♦Latte cups
♦♦♦Thermal carafe
♦♦Cappuccino cups
♦♦Coffee grinder
♦♦Espresso & cappuccino maker
♦♦Espresso cups
♦♦Tea pot, ceramic
♦Tea steeper, electric
Coffee roaster


♦♦♦♦Recipe box & cards
♦♦♦♦Classic reference volumes
♦♦Cookbook holder
♦♦Baking book
♦♦Celebrity chef books
♦♦Ethnic books
♦♦Pizza book
♦♦Whole foods & grains book
♦♦Make it from scratch book
♦♦Vegetarian book


♦♦♦♦Broiling pan
♦♦♦♦Casserole pans
♦♦♦♦Microwave pans
♦♦♦♦Omelet pan
♦♦♦♦Pasta pot or insert
♦♦♦♦Saucepan, small
♦♦♦♦Skillet, large
♦♦♦♦Skillet, small
♦♦♦♦Stockpot, large
♦♦♦Double boiler
♦♦♦Dutch oven
♦♦♦Griddle, flat/ridged
♦♦♦Grill pan
♦♦♦Grilling baskets
♦♦♦Roasting pan and rack
♦♦♦Saucepan, large
♦♦♦Saute pan
♦♦♦Steamer, vegetable
♦♦♦Stockpot, small
♦♦Fondue set
♦♦Garlic roaster
♦♦Gratin pans
♦♦Onion soup bowls
♦♦Paella pan
♦♦Poacher, egg
♦♦Poacher, fish
♦♦Pressure cooker
♦♦Rice cooker
♦♦Slow cooker
♦♦Steamer, asparagus
Chestnut roaster
Escargot dishes
Mongolian fire pot
Pate mold
Polenta pot
Steamer, bamboo
Vertical roaster
Zabaglione pan


♦♦♦♦Chef's knife
♦♦♦♦Cutting board, fish
♦♦♦♦Cutting board, meat
♦♦♦♦Cutting board, veggies
♦♦♦♦Kitchen shears
♦♦♦♦Meat slicer
♦♦♦♦Paring knives
♦♦♦♦Sharpening steel
♦♦♦♦Steak knives
♦♦♦♦Tomato/bagel knife
♦♦♦Bread knife
♦♦♦Carving set
♦♦♦French fry cutter
♦♦♦Knife block or rack
♦♦♦Utility knife
♦♦Chinese cleaver
♦♦Fish boning knife
♦♦Grapefruit knife & spoon
♦♦Ham rack
♦♦Mandolin slicer
♦♦Meat cleaver
♦♦Pineapple corer
♦♦Sharpening stones
Aspic cutters
Butcher block
Meat grinder
Pitting spoon
Sharpener, electric
Sushi & sashimi knives
Truffle slicer


♦♦♦♦Barbecue tools
♦♦♦♦Bottle opener
♦♦♦♦Bottle stoppers
♦♦♦♦Can opener, manual
♦♦♦♦Cleaning brush
♦♦♦♦Fork, cooking/serving
♦♦♦♦Grater, multi-purpose
♦♦♦♦Ice cream scoop
♦♦♦♦Measuring cups, liquid
♦♦♦♦Measuring spoons
♦♦♦♦Microwave food cover
♦♦♦♦Mixing bowls
♦♦♦♦Pepper mill, utility & tableside
♦♦♦♦Salt & pepper shakers
♦♦♦♦Spatulas, hard
♦♦♦♦Spatulas, soft
♦♦♦♦Spoon rest
♦♦♦♦Spoons, cooking
♦♦♦♦Thermometer, refrigerator/freezer
♦♦♦♦Thermometer, instant-read 0-220°F
♦♦♦♦Thermometer, meat
♦♦♦♦Vegetable peeler
♦♦♦Butcher's twine
♦♦♦Cheese slicer
♦♦♦Cherry pitter
♦♦♦Corn butterer
♦♦♦Garlic press
♦♦♦Grater, tableside
♦♦♦Gravy separator
♦♦♦Heat diffuser
♦♦♦Measuring cups, dry
♦♦♦Meat pounder
♦♦♦Metal cleaners
♦♦♦Nut cracker
♦♦♦Oil & vinegar cruets
♦♦♦Pepper mill, tableside
♦♦♦Salad spinner
♦♦♦Spice jars
♦♦♦Thermometer, oven
♦♦Bagel slicer
♦♦Baking shells
♦♦Chinois strainer
♦♦Corn stripper
♦♦Food mill
♦♦Grater, ginger
♦♦Grater, nutmeg
♦♦Herb mill
♦♦Melon baller
♦♦Microwave turntable
♦♦Mortar & pestle
♦♦Oil can
♦♦Pasta maker
♦♦Pasta server
♦♦Pastry cutter
♦♦Pizza wheel
♦♦Potato ricer
♦♦Ravioli maker
♦♦Salt mill, tableside
♦♦Salt mill, utility
♦♦Spice mill
♦♦Thermometer, instant-read 50-550°F
♦♦Thermometer, surface
♦♦Wok utensils
Butane burner
Caviar spoons & plates
Duck press
Grain mill
Pasta dryer
Pastry board
Popcorn popper
Pierogi maker
Rumtopf pot
Spaetzle maker
Sushi mat
Thermometer, wine
Thermometer, yogurt
Tortilla press
Whipped cream maker


♦♦♦♦Oven mitts


♦♦♦Butter dish
♦♦♦Salad bowls
♦♦♦Salad servers
♦♦♦Soup bowls
♦♦♦Spoons & forks
♦♦♦Cake server
♦♦♦Cheese board
♦♦♦Gravy boat
♦♦♦Pie server
♦♦Cake stand with cover
Olive dishes
Soup tureen


♦♦♦♦Can opener
♦♦♦♦Food processor, mini
♦♦♦♦Waffle maker
♦♦♦Blender, countertop
♦♦♦Food processor, full size
♦♦♦Griddle, flat
♦♦♦Griddle, ridged
♦♦♦Mixer, hand held
♦♦♦Warming tray
♦♦Blender, hand held
♦♦Drink mixer
♦♦Fry pan
♦♦Ice cream maker
♦♦Mixer, countertop
♦♦Rice cooker/steamer
♦♦Vacuum sealer
♦♦Water kettle
Bread machine
Gallette iron
Indoor grill
Tortilla maker
Pizzelle maker
Yogurt maker


♦♦♦♦Canister set
♦♦♦♦Storage canisters/jars
♦♦♦♦Utensil holders
♦♦♦Cookie jar
♦♦♦Towel holder
♦♦Magnetic hooks
♦♦Spice rack
Pot rack


♦♦♦♦Bar tool set
♦♦♦♦Bottle opener
♦♦♦♦Cocktail shaker
♦♦♦♦Cocktail strainer
♦♦♦♦Glasses, old-fashioned
♦♦♦♦Glasses, red wine
♦♦♦♦Wine bottle tote
♦♦♦♦Wine stopper
♦♦♦Glasses, martini
♦♦♦Glasses, pilsner
♦♦♦Glasses, white wine
♦♦Glasses, champagne flutes
♦♦Glasses, liqueur
♦♦Glasses, margarita
♦♦Ice bucket
♦♦Ice strainer
♦♦Soda siphon
♦♦Wine bottle rack
♦Champagne bucket
♦Glasses, brandy snifters
♦Margarita pitcher
♦Martini pitcher
Wine cooler
Wine glass rack

Items above that don't have links to pages on are widely available in supermarkets and large discount outlets.



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