Nordic Ware Cast Grill & Sear 10x7

Nordic Ware
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The Nordic Ware Compact Oven Cast Grill and Sear pan is sized for 1-2 portions and features a cast aluminum grill grate.

It is similar to a broiler pan but better, because the cast grate actually sears your food from the bottom too. You'll be able to visibly see browned grill marks on your food, whether it's a protein or a vegetable you're cooking.

When this grate is preheated for several minutes, it becomes very hot and will sear foods the same way a grill would do.

The stainless steel base tray catches juices and oil from food as it cooks in your oven.

6.1 x 8.2 x 1.1 inches
10 year limited warranty
Model 45020
Country of Origin:
Made in USA