Shun Wasabi Deba 6-Inch Single Bevel

Shun Wasabi
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A deba is one of the key traditional Japanese blade styles. In Japan, the deba is a heavier knife and is used primarily for breaking down and filleting fish. Some cooks like it for working on poultry as well. The Kai Wasabi Deba is a medium-sized deba with the traditional single-bevel blade. This gives it an extremely sharp edge that will move through your fish quickly and easily, producing a very clean fillet. The deba is not intended to be used to chop through larger, heavier bones.

Use: Boning and Fillet
Blade Shape: Boning and Fillet, Specialty; Single-bevel knife sharpened to 16° cutting angle
Blade Steel: 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel; graze finished for a satin look
Blade Length: 6 in. (152mm)
Handle: Traditional Japanese-style, symmetrical handle in polypropylene
Country of Origin: Japan
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Model 6715D
Country of Origin:
Made in Japan
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