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Kitchen Shop
1006 S. Ninth St.
Philadelphia PA

Customer Service




PR14 ch Four Point Oval Rack in Stainless Steel
Made in USA
Enclume Pot Racks

Coffee Beans
Peanut Butter Cookie Flavored Coffee Beans

Woodform lazy susan, dark cherry
Made in USA
Woodform Turntables

Coffee Sock Chemex Style 2pk
Made in USA
Cotton Coffee Filter

Blunt Edge Perforated Spoon - 10"
Made in USA
Blunt Edge Spoons

JK Adams Pioneer Hickory Wood Paddle Cutting Board
Made in USA
American Hickory Board

Magi-Cake Strips - Medium
Made in USA
Magi-Cake Strips

Fletchers Mill Hardwood Condiment Cups 4-Pk
Made in USA
Condiment Cups

Fletchers Mill Tart Tamper
Made in USA
Tart Tamper

Mr Bar-B-Q Hickory Smoking Chips
Made in USA
Smoker Chips

Kolder Mix-N-Measure
Made in USA

Round Stovetop Pizzelle Maker - Bakalite Handholds
Made in USA
Pizzelle Iron

Banana saver
Made in USA
Banana Saver

Rumtopf Pot With Fruit Motif
5 Liter Rumtopf

Imported by Fante's

Patisse Tart/Muffin Press
Tart/Muffin Press

PackIt 1-Bottle Freezable Wine Bag
Wine Tote

Endurance Chocolate Chipper Fork
Block Chipper

3" High Alphabet Cutters Set
Alphabet Cutters

Joie Glass Syrup Dispenser
Syrup Dispenser

LAR Taglia Castagne - Chestnut Cutter
Imported by Fante's
Chestnut Slitter

Cole & Mason Wimbledon Electronic Pepper Mill
Wimbledon Electronic Pepper Mill

PL8 Fresh Herb Saver
Fresh Herb Saver

Messermeister 8-Pocket Le Fleur Padded Knife Roll
Padded Knife Roll

Dumpling Strainer
Dumpling Strainer

4" Stainless Steel Skewers 12-Pk
Imported by Fante's
4" Skewers

Salter 30 Lb High Capacity Ultra Precise Digital Scale
Ultra Precise 30# Scale

Nouvel Potato Forks - Set of 4
Potato Forks

Mastrad 3-in-1 Tea Infuser
3-in-1 Infuser

Patisse Adjustable Rectangular Cake Form
Adjustable Cake Form

Zyliss Clip 'n Serve Salad Serving Set
Salad Server

Patisse Cooling Rack - 12.75"
12.75" Rack

Whim Deluxe Cotton Bar Mops 4-Pk 12x12
Bar Mops


Lekue Small Macaron Baking Mat
Macaron Mats

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Stained Glass Bundt Pan
Made in USA
Stained Glass Bundt

Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan
Made in USA
Pinata Cake Pan

Lekue Decomat Kit
Lekue Decomat

Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender
Made in USA
Vitamix Blender

Best Waffle Head Masher
Made in USA
Waffle Head Masher

Best Vegetable Storage Bag
Made in USA
Best Veggie Bag

Fletchers Mill Wood Honey Dipper
Made in USA
Honey Dipper

Epicurean Pizza Peel - 23x14 Slate
Made in USA
Pizza Peel

Pomona's Universal Pectin
Made in USA
Pomona's Pectin

Lekue C'rush Cocktail Ice Crusher
Cocktail Ice

Solid Brass Mortar and Pestle - 4.5x5"
Solid Brass Mortar & Pestle

Geraldine's Edible Wonder Lace
Wonder Lace

Primula Tempo Round 40 Oz glass Teapot
Glass Teapot

28" Beechwood Spoon With Wide Bowl
Imported by Fante's
28" Spoon

Geraldine's Floral Buds - 16mm
Gum Paste Floral Buds

Coffee Beans
Grandpa's Snickerdoodle

Tovolo 6 Oz Ice Cream Containers - Set of 4
Ice Cream Containers

Oxo 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
Avocado Slicer

CDN MT-1 60-Min Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer
Heavy Duty Timer

Cherry Finish Salad Servers - 12"
Salad Servers

Mastrad Deco Spiral Veggie Slicer
Spiral Slicer

The Lettuce Knife
The Lettuce Knife

Gobel Duo Mousse Ring
Duo Mousse Ring

Whim Cotton Glass Towels 3-Pk 18x28
Glass Towels

Amici Glass Gravy Boat
Glass Gravy Boat

Charcoal Companion Basting Bottle
Basting Bottle

Lekue Cooking Mesh - Clear
Cooking Mesh Bag

Tovolo Set of 3 Silicone Lid Lifters
Lid Lifters

Toas-Tite Stove Top Sandwich Toaster

Mr Bar-B-Q S'mores Melting Tray
S'mores Melting Tray

Mercer Rules Mini Two-Sided Culinary Tool
Culinary Tools

Meri Meri I'm a Princess Cupcake Kit
I'm a Princess

Mercer Saucier Spoon With Tapered Spout
Plating Spoons


KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Qt Stand Mixer -  Watermelon
Watermelon Artisan Mixer

Yama CD-6 Hunter Coffee/Tea Cold Brew with Wood Base
Coffee/Tea Cold Brewer

The Great Scrape Woody Grill Cleaner
Made in USA
The Great Scrape

Best Fresh Bread Storage Bag
Made in USA
Fresh Bread Bag

Labrador cookie cutter
Made in USA
Cookie Cutters

Ateco 6-Pk Gel Paste Food Colors
Made in USA
Food Colors

Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lid
Made in USA
Drinking Lid

Kolder's Glass Salad Dressing Mixer Bottle
Made in USA
Dressings Mixer

Fletchers Mill 11" Muddler
Made in USA
11" Muddler

Conimar Kitchen Helper Charts and Guides
Made in USA
Kitchen Helpers

Epicurean Kitchen Cutting Board - 11x9 Nutmeg
Made in USA
Wood Laminate Cutting Boards

Epicurean Large Spoon - Natural
Made in USA
Wood Fiber Spoons

Ham Carving Stand With Adjustable Handle
Imported by Fante's
Ham Rack

Instructions for Mante Maker
Manti Maker

Renshaw Ready To Roll Fondant 1.1 Lb Multipack - Primary Colors
Renshaw Fondant

Two Tier 10" Bamboo Steamer
Bamboo Steamer

Lekue Sticks Microwave Baking Mold
Microwave Breadsticks

Mastrad Thermo-Sensor Spoon
Thermo-Sensor Spoon

Chef'n Zipstrip Herb Zipper
Herb Stripper

PL8 Nut Chopper
Nut Chopper

Pinza Chef 12" Saute Tweezers
Pinza Chef

6" Stainless Steel Colander, Long Handle
Imported by Fante's
6" Colander

Norpro Meat Lifting & Shredding Claws
Charcoal Companion Meat Claws
Meat Claws

Lipper Acacia Wave Bowl - 12"
Acacia Bowl

JEM Phalaenopsisi Orchid 3-Pc Stensil Set B
Orchid Stencils

Stainless Steel Tea and Cooking Infuser 4x1.5"
Cooking Infuser

Lipper 3-Tier Bamboo Salt Box
Salt & Spice Box

Taylor 11 Lb Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale
Stainless 11# Scale

Patisse Rectangular Cake Form - 1x3.5in
Rectangular Stack Form

Pizzacraft Baking Stone Scrubber
Stone Scrubber

Schur Ice Pop Bags 10-Pk
Ice Pop Bags

Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane
Cheese Plane

Graniteware Silicone Jar Toppers 4-Pk
Silicone Jar Toppers

Spanek Vertichoke Artichoke and Vegetable Rack 4-Pk


uNiqUe &

Fruit Ripener
Made in USA
Fante's Fruit Ripener

La Gratella Graticola Tostapane Stainless Steel Stovetop Toaster
Imported by Fante's
Brustolina Tostapane e Polenta

Fante's Brand Products
Fante's Brand

Mold to Make Peach Cakes
Made in USA
Peach Cakes Mold

chitarra pasta maker with metal and hardwood frame
Made in USA
Chitarra Pasta Maker

Round Stovetop Pizzelle Maker - Bakalite Handholds
Made in USA
Pizzelle Irons

Ez-Duz-It can opener
Made in USA

heavy duty steel lever nutcracker
Made in USA
Get Crackin'

Fante's 22x22" wooden pastry board
Made in USA
Fante's Pastry Boards

large ravioli maker plates
Made in USA
Ravioli Maker

Fleur de Lys Corzetti Stamp
Imported by Fante's
Corzetti Stamps

CBE Nut Surprise Cookies Stovetop Baker
Imported by Fante's
Nut Surprise

PiZZa Ball Base Roller
Imported by Fante's
PiZZa Ball

tagliatelle rolling cutter
Imported by Fante's
Tagliatelle Cutter

CBE Ostie Wafer Stove Top Baker
Imported by Fante's
Ostie Wafer

CBE Stovetop Pizzelle Baker
Imported by Fante's
Pizzelle Baker

Fante's Red Apron
Fante's Bib Apron

20" Straight Rolling Pin with Tapered Ends
Rolling Pin

1758icecream.jpg (21205 bytes)

Atlas Pastamaker Handle
Atlas Handle

Melitta 10-Cup Manual Drip Glass Coffeemaker

Silicone bottle scrapers, 2-pc
Bottle Scrapers

Set of 6 Cream Horn Molds
Cream Horns

Seltzer chargers

Ham Carving Stand With Adjustable Handle
Imported by Fante's
Ham Rack

4" Stainless Steel Skewers 12-Pk
Imported by Fante's
4" Skewers

28" Beechwood Spoon With Wide Bowl
Imported by Fante's
Wood Spoons

6" Stainless Steel Colander, Long Handle
Imported by Fante's
Stainless Colanders

LAR Taglia Castagne - Chestnut Cutter
Imported by Fante's
Chestnut Slitter

Imported by Fante's

Garganelli pasta board
Imported by Fante's
Garganelli Board

Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans


Store Hours/Directions
(Closed August Sundays)

Aug 2
Continuous Demo
From 11 am To 3 pm

Spiral Slicers
And Julienne Peelers

This week's demo
Making Delicious Crunchy Apple Salad with Barb
~ o ~


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