Cooking oils vary considerably in taste, nutritional value, and burning (smoking) points. For deep frying, stir frying, and for when you'll be subjecting the oil to high temperatures, we recommend using peanut oil. Grapeseed and canola oils also have a higher tolerance than most to high heat, and all three have mono-unsaturated fats, which are believed to be healthy.

When deep frying, never fill the pan; we recommend filling only about a third or less of the pan with oil. Hot oil can cause severe burns and scarring, so always take special safety precautions when frying. Keep a close eye on the temperature of oils during cooking. To prevent cancer causing agents from getting into your food, don't let them get to the point of smoking.

Water causes oil to splatter. To help prevent splattering, use a paper towel to dry cuts of meat before cooking, and make sure your utensils are thoroughly dry. Re-usable oil bottles and cans must be completely dry of water before refilling.

You can often reuse cooking oil, when you have not subjected it to extremely high temperatures. Our Fryer's Friend Oil Keeper is one way to filter oil so you can reuse it.