Tea Infusers

Infuse regular teas no less than 3 minutes (to allow the taste to come through), and no more than 5 minutes (to keep the bitter tannin at bay). Herbal teas generally have different brewing and infusion requirements.

Fill infusers only up to half their capacity, to allow the leaves to expand and release their essential oils. Large leaf teas may require larger infusers. Small leaf teas, and broken leaves, such as with decaffeinated teas, are best brewed with infusers that have small holes or openings.

Use a tea strainer when leaves are placed loose in a tea pot. Strain into cups as soon as possible after the recommended infusion time. Tea leaves left in the cup or tea pot will otherwise continue to increase the tannin content and its undesirable taste.

Remember to match the size of the opening of your cup or tea pot with the size of the infuser or strainer. For hotter tea, rinse the cup or tea pot with hot water (from kettle or spigot) before use.

Additional information may be found in our Tea Guide.

The tong-style tea bag squeezer is a useful accessory for draining tea bags, squeezing garni bags, and keeping your fingers dry and clean.

The tea bag caddy nicely doubles as a spoon rest, and keeps your tablecloth clean.