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Use of Information You Provide

We feel very strongly about our customers' right to privacy, therefore we only collect pertinent personal information when you order from us. We use that information to complete your order and to contact you regarding the status of your order. It is then stored in our archives only for as long as we are required, by laws relating to financial record keeping. And we cover these issues and more in our Privacy Policy.
We do not share your private information with others.
Your comments and your responses to our inquiries (feedback, data, ideas, etc.) are deemed not to be confidential, and fantes.com may use such responses without limitation. In such cases, we ensure your privacy by not including personal identifying information.


We will do our best to answer inquiries that you direct to us. Needless to say, your inquiries are most likely to receive a response when they are related to merchandise and services that you are contemplating on purchasing, or have purchased, from us, and must be within our field of expertise.
We generally keep information on sourcing confidential, as it is, in many cases, a competitive advantage that we work hard to maintain, so that we can bring you such a wide variety of products and information.


As a retailer, our role is to serve household consumers, and our published shipping charges apply to orders for quantities that a consumer would normally order.|We will do our best to accommodate orders for large quantities, however because the larger bulk and packing requirements are more costly, please know that we reserve the right to increase the shipping charge based on actual UPS or USPS shipping rates. We will notify you of the alteration, and you can approve the change or we can otherwise cancel your order.
Additional criteria for accepting consumer orders is delineated in our ordering information page.
We reserve the right to reject or cancel any order that does not meet our criteria.
We also reserve the right to reject or cancel any order on which your credit card issuer cannot or will not provide verification of your billing or shipping address or authorization for the transaction.

Errors and Omissions

We will do our best to make sure all the information on our website is correct. If you notice errors or omissions (which, being only human, we are apt to commit), we appreciate your letting us know, so that we may correct them. Sometimes manufacturers alter some minor product specifications without notification, which also cause errors in the information we provide.
If we make errors that impact your order, our liability is limited to the price you paid to us for our products and services. If your order has not yet been shipped, you will have the option to accept delivery under corrected terms that you and we agree upon, or to cancel the items ordered.
Though we will always do our best to ship products on a timely basis, when we fall short of expectations we'll do our best to rectify the situation in order to make you happy. After all, we only exist because of our satisfied customers.
If you are in any way dissatisfied with your order, and you don't feel that the measures we have taken to satisfy you were adequate, please direct an e-mail to me, Mariella Esposito, President. I will do my best to intercede on your behalf.
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Changes in Terms of Use

From time to time, terms of use may change and supersede any other or prior Terms of Use without notice. Any such changes will be noted here and/or in applicable locations on our web site.


In general, warranties are limited to the performance of the product as it was meant to be used and as indicated in the Directions that came with the product. As much as you may hate to, it behooves you to read and follow the Directions.
Warranties do not cover accidental or other abuse, they do not cover misuse, and they are limited to the monetary refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product, if it fails to perform as promised in the Directions.
If Directions are missing, you are responsible for requesting a copy from us or from the manufacturer. If the product is intuitive and you're unsure how to use it, contact us and we'll try to help.
The manufacturer's warranties apply to all items on our web site where a warranty is indicated and to any items packaged with warranty information. Check the manufacturer's web site or contact them for details.
Items that do not bear warranty information are warranted by us to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon delivery. To preserve your rights under this warranty, you must contact us immediately upon receipt of a product you feel is defective, or within a reasonable period of time if the product was received as a gift.

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