Paper filters do the best job of keeping grounds out of your coffee. When compared to permanent filters, they lighten the body a bit, since the very small pores in the paper will also keep grounds and some coffee oil out of the coffee. However you can make the coffee stronger in paper, because the small pores restrict the flow and cause the coffee and water to steep longer. If you want the most convenience, use paper filters, and dispose of the filter and coffee together, or compost them.

SwissGold filters are plated with 23-karat gold. The gold prevents metallic tastes from being transferred to your brew. Extra-fine perforations keep more grounds out of your cup of coffee than any other metallic filter. What may be lacking in the strength of coffee from using paper filters, is made up by the added body. Finer grounds will give you an even better body flavor, though you may see some grounds in your cup.

Gold Tone filters are made of stainless steel, and treated so as not to transfer metallic tastes. Gentle care will help these filters last for years; dispose of spent grounds in garbage (or mulch pile), wash with sudsy water or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Titanium filters are made with this metal in sheets which are pierced. Titanium is an inert metal, is not corrosive, and does not alter the taste of the coffee. Unlike plated permanent filters, the surface will not scrape off, as this is a solid metal.

Cloth filters are made of natural, unbleached cotton muslin or hemp. The pores are larger than on paper filters, and smaller than on Gold Tone filters, so you'll get the most body flavor with none or just a few small grounds in your coffee. After use, dispose of the grounds, turn inside-out, and rinse with water only; you may wish to bristle-brush the filter under water to remove the fine sediments. For best results, rinse and squeeze out before using. Your filter will last 3-6 months or more (depending on frequency of use) with proper care.

Grind coffee beans fine for paper, and slightly coarser for metal and cloth filters. Test different grinds until you find the one that you enjoy the most.