Knife Storage

Knife Storage

Plastic sheaths are a great way to safely store your knives in a drawer, or to transport them. Insert the knife end in the notch, as if you were slicing, then ease the rest of the knife into the sheath. Made of heavy plastic. Keeps knives sharper longer.

In-drawer storage keeps everything well organized, if you have the extra drawer. Be sure to check The Wave tray's dimensions to fit inside your drawer.

Counter blocks keep knives handy and provide added beauty to your countertop.

Wall mounted blocks suit special storage space needs. Before mounting, test the location with your longest knife, to insure that it can be easily removed, and not encumbered by cabinets or other overhead equipment.

Under cabinet storage can save valuable counter space.

Knife rolls and cases are usually used by professionals in transporting their collection to and from work. We recommend using sheaths for every knife being transported.