Food Storage

Different shades of glass result naturally from iron impurities in the natural ingredients from which it is made.

Airtight storage can be maintained by regularly cleaning the rim of the jar or bottle, and the sealing ring, gasket, or stopper. When preserving, always use new seals.

Depending on the grower, bananas can contain the remnants of seeds, evidenced by the little black dots in the center of the banana, or they can be sterile. The black stem that sometimes remains at the end is what remains of the flower.

Ripen bananas at room temperature in our Fruit Ripener, or in a paper bag, with another fruit like an apple. Once ripe, store bananas in the fridge for longer life. Or mash and freeze for later use.

While bananas are sweet and usually eaten raw, plantains are firm, not sweet, and are a cooking staple in tropical regions.