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The Endurance® Punch N Cover™ is ideal for punching pouring holes on cans of condensed milk and evaporated milk, and for use as a lid on the opened can.

It works for pull-top cans of condensed milk as well - just turn the can upside down and punch it down on the side without the pull-tab. Beats covering the can with tin foil!

Originally introduced in the 1950's, you may remember the Punch N Cover from your parents' or grandparents' kitchen, as they probably grew up using condensed milk in coffee or tea.

Condensed milk has been used by many as a substitute for cream and sugar in coffee and tea cultures, especially in Southeast Asia ( Hong Kong, China, Vietman), Europe, and the USA.

The Punch-N-Cover fits condensed milk cans and other cans sized a bit less than 3" diameter.

• Press the Punch-N-Cover down on can to punch holes
• Pour from one hole while the other lets in air for smooth flow
• Replace cover over can for storage in fridge

3" wide, 1/2" high
18/0 stainless steel
Model PNC
Country of Origin:
Made in Taiwan
Primary Material:
Stainless Steel