Sifters & Tamis

Sifting helps to break up clumps and remove foreign matter. It aerates flour and gives it more volume. It makes it easier to incorporate other foods and liquids into sifted powders.

Compare the volume of flour before and after sifting, and you'll find quite a difference. If you want your recipe to be consistent from the first time to the next, we recommend that you first weigh the flour before you use it.

The capacity shown for the sifters is more indicative of size than of how much you can practically fill for sifting. It is usually best to only sift a small amount at a time. Not only does this make it easier to sift, it also helps prevent clumping inside the sifter from the weight of the flour, makes sifting faster, and gives you lighter, fluffier results.

Sift a large quantity of flour, sugar, etc. in a short time using the large sieves/tamis. Use stainless steel sieves for sifting flour, rinsing grains, rice, beans, berries, etc., and straining liquids.