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Spectrum Soft Gel Food Colors by Ateco

Intensity: They have a very high dye concentration, providing intense, more brilliant colors. Tint icings lightly, cover, let sit for 20 minutes, and watch the color intensify even further. Unlike other colors on the market, the dye concentration levels of Soft Gel Paste do not cause the icings and toppings to develop a bitter taste.

Consistency: Soft Gel Paste colors do not contain propylene glycol or glycerin softening agents, which would otherwise cause icings (especially non-dairy whipped toppings) to break down. The color molecules and viscosity are relatively stable by comparison, provide consistent intense color, and control fading to less than 20%, even when exposed to direct sunlight or wide temperature fluctuations.

Convenience: Soft Gel Paste is a pourable product, packaged in easy to use squeeze bottles. This makes it easy to control and keep track of how much color you add, and easier to duplicate colors and shades. Also keeps your hands and work surface cleaner.

How much to use: Always start out with a small quantity, like a drop or two, mixing well before adding more color. (You'll be surprised at how much a drop can do.) Stop adding color when, after mixing well, a slightly lighter coloration has been reached or you don't notice any further change in coloration. Depending on what and how much you are coloring, there are limits to how much you should use; adding more after the point of saturation will only alter the taste, not the color.

Most often used in icings (buttercream, royal, fondant, gum paste, etc.) and not recommended for use in chocolate or candy melts.