Coffee Beans

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Our demanding coffee buyer and enthusiastic attention to freshness have brought Fante's coffees national recognition for our high standards of quality.

For best results: Your taste buds are the best judge on how to make the best cup of coffee; so experiment until you find what you like. The fresher the coffee, the better the taste; buy only what you will use within 2 to 4 weeks. Keep it in an airtight glass or glazed ceramic container, perhaps in the fridge, but definitely away from direct sunlight and heat. Be sure your brewing water tastes good; try filtered or bottled water if it doesn't. Measure water and coffee accurately every time. Drink it within 20 minutes after brewing, or store it in a thermal container to keep it hot and fresh for longer periods of time. Clean (decalcify) your coffeemaker frequently.

The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees: A fair price, Quality products, and Care for the environment. Look for coffees with this label.


Roasted coffees are shipped Whole Beans. Grind your own? Better flavor comes from grinding freshly roasted coffee at home, but if you want us to grind it, we are happy to do so. In the Comments section of the order form, please specify if you want your coffee ground, and what type of coffeemaker you'll be using.

Our flavored coffees contain only natural flavor ingredients. Nothing artificial.

Decaffeination is by natural water process. No chemical additives. Nothing to worry about.

We guarantee all our coffees to be fresh and to taste exceptionally good.

You can read more about coffee in our Coffee Tutorial.