Automatic Drip

The convenient Automatic Drip brewing method is designed to take much of the guesswork out of making coffee. Simply by pouring cold water into a reservoir, the machine heats it to the correct temperature and pulses it through the ground coffee that rests in a filter. A valuable feature on some models is a switch that slows the pulsing of water to permit a rich brew even when you are only making a couple of cups.

With these brands, you'll get outstanding reliability, sensible features, good design and, most important, the proper brewing temperature, which very few brands achieve. Major consumer magazines bear out that many brands may be inexpensive, but the coffee they make is not likely to be as consistently hot or taste as rich.

If you want your coffeemaker to last, clean it regularly, using a solution that removes calcium and lime deposits from inner tubing. Use a tablespoon of white vinegar with a pot of water, or one of our coffeemaker cleaners. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific details relative to your coffeemaker.