Pour Over

A time honored tradition, manual drip coffee makers are still preferred by many over automatic drip coffee makers, because of the greater control you maintain over the extraction. Heat water separately and pour over grounds at the pace you desire.

If you like your coffee very strong, you can add lots of grounds (or use more finely ground coffee) without worrying about the spillover that would occur with automatic drip units. Remember, the finer the grounds, the longer it will take for the water to steep through.

To get the best taste, first add the grounds, then pour hot (almost boiling) water to just cover the grounds, to 'bloom' the coffee. If the water boils, remove from the heat source and let sit for half a minute before pouring over the grounds. After the water first disappears in the grounds, slowly add more water, keeping the level just above the grounds.

Measure your coffee grounds accurately and consistently, for an ever pleasing cup every time you make coffee. It is often helpful to also pre-measure water before heating, to prevent accidental overflow when pouring over the grounds.

Clean the coffeemaker and permanent filters regularly. Oil residues will eventually alter the taste of your coffee, so a soapy water wash is recommended as often as possible.