Graters & Zesters

Square, or multi-sided, graters offer the convenience of multiple grating surfaces all in one utensil. Some have graduated measurements.

Flat graters store easily. With a little practice, they're quite easy to hold and use.

Rotary table graters are very convenient for freshly grated cheese right at the table. Or for grating cheese, veggies, nuts, chocolate, etc.

Micro graters make short work out of anything, because of their super-sharp stainless teeth. Choose from superfine (zest, spices), fine (zest, cheeses, veggies), medium (coarse zest, cheese, veggies), and coarse (cheese, veggies).

Clean your grater after every use. Cleaning will prevent that bit of leftover bacteria or mold from spoiling the next cheese you grate.
If the grater is not dishwasher safe, carefully scrub with a soapy dishbrush, and rinse thoroughly. Steel and plated steel surfaces should be thoroughly and carefully toweled dry, otherwise let air dry.