Peeling, Pitting & Coring

Getting the cores and hulls out of fruits and veggies with these tools means there will be less that is removed, and less potential damage to the food.

Cherry Tips:

For the best flavor, only buy cherries that are ripe. They should be brightly colored and firm, but not hard.

Cherries with stems last longer. Store them in the fridge.

Olive Tips:

For small olives, pitters work well in cleanly removing the pit while leaving the olive in one piece.

For larger olives, it is usually best to remove the pit by smashing them with the side of a chef knife.

Pineapples, also called ananas, take about a year and a half to mature, and come in several varieties. The Cayenne is tall and has golden-yellow skin. The Red Spanish is more round and golden-brown. And the less common, but sweeter, Sugar Loaf is large and green.

For maximum sweetness, choose only pineapples that are ripe: a bit soft to the touch, but not discolored. They can be stored in the fridge, tightly wrapped, for up to 3 days.

The pineapple is considered a symbol of welcoming and friendship.

Peelers are replacing paring knives for so many tasks. The basic peeler has been transformed into many shapes and sizes, to suit every likely preference. Peeler blades are sharp, especially the ones with ceramic blades, so take care when washing them by hand.