Salt Storage

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Salt (Sodium Chloride) is used to both flavor food and to keep it from spoiling. It used to be the most precious mineral on earth.

Rock Salt comes from underground mines and is the purest of salts. After mining, it is ground to size and sifted. Pieces of rock salt are referred to as corns.

Saline Salt also comes from underground mines, and is then boiled to remove impurities.

Sea Salt comes from salt lakes or the sea, after the liquid is evaporated (an expensive process), and contains only about 1/3 sodium chloride. Because of all the mineral elements found in such waters, the salt is generally milder and can vary in taste. Its taste is also dependent on whether it is in its natural form (milder) or has been purified (stronger).

Kosher Salt is free of additives and coarse in form.

Pickling Salt is also free of additives, and is very finely ground for faster melting. It is usually used to make brine solutions.

Table Salt incorporates Sodium Carbonate, one of the ingredients usually added to finely ground salts to make them flow more easily.

Iodized Salt contains Iodine (Potassium, Potassium Iodate, or Sodium Iodide), added for health purposes.

Seasoned Salt contains one or more seasonings, or spices, to give it a different flavor.

Natural salt is quite delicious. Unprocessed, the grains may be of different sizes, but you get the benefit of this salt's full, original flavor. Naturally left to partially or fully dry in the sun, it melts more quickly than commercially dried salt.

Coarse salt granules enhance many dishes. A good salt mill can make those granules into a size that is more suitable for your intended use and for your taste. From a coarse size for pretzels, to a super-fine size for table service.

Moisture got your salt in a block? Add some rice to your salt shaker; it will absorb moisture and, because it's larger than the holes, will stay inside. Change it periodically, especially when you refill the shaker.

Use a Salt Pig in the kitchen. It's quite handy when you need either a pinch or a spoonful. You can get a cupful out of the large ones. And the salt stays dry.

Salt cellars have become popular again, of recent, because of their convenience.

For a bit of excitement, try different flavored salts.