Bread & Cheese Serveware

Use planes and wires for cutting soft cheeses. The thickness of your slices depends on the angle you're holding the plane, and the pressure you are exerting on the cheese. Slice downwards with the wire cutters for best results.

The 2-handled cheese wire is also great for slicing polenta, and for torting cakes (cutting layers).

Non-stick, kullenschliff (granton), and hollow-bladed knives are used for soft and medium-hard cheeses, and keep the slices from sticking to the blade.

The 2-tine knives are used soft and medium-hard cheeses; cut the cheese and use the pronged end for serving.

Tear-shaped pointed cheese knives are best for Parmesan and other hard cheeses. As is the nature of these cheeses, once split they will generally crumble into chunks. Insert the tip and use downward pressure only.

Narrow rectangular cheese knives work best for semi-soft (or semi-firm) cheeses like Brie or Jack.

Wide rectangular cheese knives are for soft, crumbly cheeses, like Blue Cheese.

Need a spare cheese cutting wire and can't find the right size? Try a music store - a guitar or piano string might just do the trick.

Deco Parchment Leaves provide an elegant bed for cheese cubes and other hors d'oeuvres. And the wood and marble slicers also make for a beautiful presentation.