Ammonium Carbonate (Baker's Ammonia), 2.7 oz.

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Powder, 2.7 oz. net weight. Kosher Certified.

This white powder is also referred to as ammonium bicarbonate, carbonate of ammonia, powdered baking ammonia, and other technical names. Also 'hartshorn,' referring to male deer antlers, from which the powder was once made.

For use as a leavening agent in pastries and cookies, it is activated by heat. Often preferred for puffing over baking powder. (Also slowly soluble in 4 parts of cold water.)

This ingredient is NOT intended for cakes, especially dense cakes like pound cake, because the gas can't release from the batter, leaving it trapped inside.

Shelf life is approximately 18 months, stored airtight at below 86°F.

Caution: Until Ammonium Carbonate reaches a temperature of 140°F, it can be an irritant to eyes, lungs, and stomach, however above this temperature it safely decomposes into the innocuous gases that expand the pastry. Keep out of reach of children. Strong fumes; use with adequate ventilation; Avoid breathing dust, vapor, mist, or gas. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Do not eat the raw dough; wait until after your pastries have finished fluffing and baking.