Feb 5th 2023

Fante's Granita

Granita thequeenvillagerGleeful squeals coming from the coffee bar are a sure indication that Fante’s Granita is back in season! This homemade specialty is pined for year-round, and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t request it. Alas, Granita season is short lived – from the Italian Market Festival in May until the weather cools in the fall. But fear not… we have crafted a copycat recipe so that you can enjoy a similar Granita treat at home, anytime you choose.

At Fante’s, we make Granita using espresso, whole milk and granulated sugar. We make the espresso a day in advance (1 short double shot at a time), and chill it in the refrigerator overnight. Sugar is whisked into the espresso until dissolved, and the milk is stirred in. The complete mixture is added to our Granita Machine, which freezes to the perfect consistency, much like a caffeine infused adult water ice.

Fante’s Copycat Granita

1 Cup espresso or strong American coffee, chilled
1/4 Cup granulated sugar
1/4 Cup whole milk

Dissolve the sugar into the chilled espresso or coffee. Stir in the milk.

If you have an ice cream machine: Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and run for 5-8 minutes. The texture will be slightly less icy than our in-store version, but will be melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

The granita can also be made ahead in the ice cream maker and frozen. Freeze into a sealed container. When ready to serve, scrape the icy mixture with a heavy duty fork, to make traditional Italian granita! We recommend using the Endurance Chocolate Fork , the Endurance Mashing Fork or the Endurance Blending Fork to avoid any bent tines on your dinnerware.

To use a blender: Pour the mixture into the blender and add 2 Cups of ice. Blend until smooth. The texture will be slightly more icy than our in-store version, but can be made on the spot for a quick treat!

For best results, use espresso. The batches we tested with American coffee did not quite achieve the body of our in-store Granita, but were a delicious way to use any leftovers from that morning pot of coffee. At home, we keep a jar of chilled coffee in our fridge to use for future granita batches (or coffee ice cream, as the whim strikes us).

And, of course, while you can, stop in to see us and enjoy our Fante’s Granita in the store!

Our thanks to @thequeenvillager for the great photo