Bottene Pasta Machine Torchio Bigolaro #8

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The Bigolaro is a pasta press that is capable of extruding long strands of very thick spaghetti, called "Bigoli" in the Venetian dialect. Dies are also included to make rigatoni (gargati), and tagliatelle (tugiadele). One of the advantages of this thick traditional pasta is its roughness, which allows it to hold sauces and dressings well.

In 1875 Francesco Bottene designed this extruder and obtained a Royal Patent for what was then called "New Machine for the Production of Home Pastas". The machine became commonly known as "Bigolaro", and continues to be produced by Bottene to this day.

The bigolari must be securely attached to a table, or countertop. The bench does not fit this model #8. The bench fits only model #6

The thick, solid brass barrel and pusher are precisely machined to move the dough through the dies. The screw is made of machined steel, and the combination of small threads and wide handles gives you easy leverage in turning it to press the dough through the dies. The plunger assembly pivots to allow for easy insertion of the dies into the barrel. The dies are made of thick solid brass. And the center punches on the rigatoni die that create the hole are well anchored to withstand the pressure of extrusion.

With the die in place at the bottom of the barrel, add the dough, pivot the plunger assembly so the pusher is aligned in the barrel, and start turning the handles. Extruding the pasta is not a fast process, but you'll have fun doing so, and the results are well worth it.

0.7 kg (1.5 lbs) pasta dough capacity
Includes 3 brass dies: 5 mm tagliatelle, 3 mm spaghetti, 7 mm rigatoni
Brass, steel, and cast iron construction
2.25" barrel interior, about 9" long
19.25" wide iron turning rod with wood handholds

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