Brotform with Liner 16 x 5.8 inch by Patisse

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Proofing basket for perfectly rising dough. The basket is made from natural rattan and regulates the moisture in the dough, resulting in a lighter bread with a crispy crust. The basket gives the bread its traditiona, rustic shape.

Dust the basket with flour before use. Knead the dough and place it in the basket. Give the dough the time it needs to rise properly. We recommend covering the basket with a damp, warm dishtowel. When the dough has proofed, turn it out on a baking tray and bake in the oven. Knock the flour from the baket after use and set it aside to dry completely. Do not clean in the dishwasher and never put the basket in the oven.

Model 92040

Use & Care of Cane Brotform Baskets
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