Nut Surprise Cookies Stovetop Baker

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Bakes cookies in the shape of nut shell halves, with cavities for fillings with sweet or savory ingredients. Join two halves together for a tasty filled treat that, on the outside, looks like a nut. The wafer baker will be easiest to use on a grate over a gas flame, however it will work over electric elements as well. Consider using a diffuser or trivet between flat elements and the baker.

Instructions for use and care: Place the baker on a dishcloth. Lightly coat the cooking plates with olive oil on a pastry brush, to keep the cookie from sticking. Heat the baker on the stove top, both sides, until the baking temperature has been reached. Use the wood handles to open the baker. Put batter on the plates with a spoon, and close with the wood handles, using gentle pressure. After the cookie is baked (20-40 seconds), open the baker. Remove the cookie by gently lifting with a knife or fork. Allow the cookies to cool on a rack, or on a paper lined tray. When you’re done baking, make sure the surfaces are completely cooled, and wipe with paper towels. Close and store for your next use. Important: Upon first use, dispose of the first couple batches of cookies baked, to insure maximum cleanliness of the new plates and your finished baked goods.

7.25 in. diameter plates, 19 cavities, each: 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 in. deep. Cast aluminum plates, steel hinge pins, screw-on thick steel handles with beechwood hand holds.

Nut Surprise Cookies Baker Instructions and Recipes
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