Escali Arti Kitchen Scale 15 lb., Orange

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The Escali Arti Glass Kitchen Scale has quickly become a fan favorite among both novice home cooks and professional chefs alike. With its sleek and modern design and simple, touch-sensitive controls, the Arti is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone who wants to measure ingredients with precision. Its accuracy of up to 1 gram or 0.1 ounces means that your recipes will come out perfectly every time, and its 15-pound weight capacity makes it ideal for even the largest recipes. Whether you're just starting out in the kitchen or you're a seasoned pro, the Escali Arti Kitchen Scale is an essential tool for perfecting your favorite recipes.

· Luxe shimmering metallic color
· Extra-high 15 lb (7,000 g) capacity with 0.1 oz (1 g) increments
· Large easy-to-read digital display
· Touch-sensitive controls make this scale easy to wipe clean
· Display Hold feature to view measurements when weighing oversized objects
· 5 Minute automatic-off to extend battery life

9 x 6-1/2", 3/4" high
Lifetime limited warranty
Model 157OS

Country of Origin:
Made in China
Primary Material: