Escali Oven Safe Meat Thermometer

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The Escali AH1 Oven Safe Meat Thermometer features target cooking temperature references for beef, poultry, pork, veal and ham printed on the large easy-to-read dial display. The durable stainless steel construction is designed to be left in meat as it cooks. It is oven safe, grill safe, dishwasher safe and NSF certified. Temperature range: 120-220°F. Dial is 2.5 inches, probe is 4.75 inches.

-Oven Safe: The durable stainless steel construction allows the thermometer to be left in meat as it is cooking in an oven or grill.
-Target Cooking Temperatures: Internal cooking temperatures are labeled on the large dial display for easy reference when preparing beef, poultry, pork, veal & lamb.
-NSF Certified: The manufacturing process of this product is regularly checked and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and meets the highest standards for public health protection.
-Large Easy to Read Dial: The large dial display is easy to read and features Fahrenheit measurements.
-Dishwasher Safe: The premium stainless steel construction is durable and dishwasher safe.

Model AH1