Kai Pure Komachi 2 Chefs Knife and Sheath 8 in

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While the Pure Komachi 2 Chef’s Knife offers the classic chef’s knife blade shape for complete cutting performance, it doesn’t look like the classic chef’s knife. Its navy blue color is sure to catch your eye - and it’s sure to be a standout in your kitchen. Slice, dice, chop, mince - the Pure Komachi 2 Chef’s Knife is the one you’ll reach for every time you cook. The large blade provides plenty of cutting length so you can handle even larger foods with ease. Pure Komachi 2’s razor-sharp blade and comfortable handle make food preparation a pleasure.

Like all Pure Komachi 2 knives, the 8-in. Chef’s Knife offers brilliant performance. The bright colors on both blade and handle make Pure Komachi 2 knives fun to use and they add eye-catching color to your kitchen. What’s more, those bright colors have a purpose. The color-coding helps guard against cross-contamination of food - for instance, by using the knife you just used on the meat to cut the veggies. The coated carbon stainless steel blades, hand-sharpened to a 16° cutting angle on each side, make quick work of most any kitchen task. The molded resin handles and comfortable and contoured for a secure grip. The blade coating is food safe and easy clean. While they are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to prolong the life of your blade as well as the colorful blade coating. Pure Komachi 2 knives now come with a matching sheath for easy storage.

The must-have, do-it-all kitchen knife
Coated carbon stainless steel blade
Hand sharpened to 16° cutting angle each side (32° comprehensive)
Food-safe color coating
Molded resin handle
Blade length: 8 in. (20.3 cm)
Includes matching sheath
Model AB5076
Country of Origin:
Made in China