Lidded Ice Pop Mold With Tray

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Makes ten 3oz / 90ml treats approximately 3.5x2x1 inches.

Frozen custom-made treats for everyone! Create frozen pops using any combination of juices, purees, yogurt, applesauce, gelatin, fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, milk and pudding. The combinations are endless! Make healthy ice pops anytime with no chemicals, additives, dyes or added sugar.

Reusable mold in the classic ice pop shape is BPA free and FDA approved.

Durable set includes an aluminum frame with plastic molds, lid with grommets to hold sticks upright and straight while freezing treats.

Also includes 24 standard size, disposable, wooden treat sticks. You won’t have to ask for your handles back.

Hand washing recommended.

Measures: 4x9x5.5 inches / 10cm x 23cm x 14cm
Model 423
Country of Origin:
Made in China
Primary Material: