Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

Marcato Atlas
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The classic high quality Atlas 150 with updated innovations to help you make healthy pasta easier. The Atlas is a genuine Italian masterpiece entirely made in Italy.

The Atlas lets you prepare 3 pasta shapes: lasagne, fettuccine (6.5 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm).
The machine can be used with 12 accessory pasta cutters (sold separately) to make new and different pasta shapes.
It can also be used with the Pastadrive motor (sold separately) with its patented bayonet fitting, making your work easier.

10-position regulating knob for dough sheet thicknesses from 4.8 mm in position 0, to 0.6 mm in position 9.
Includes a clamp to secure the pasta machine to your work surface.
Includes a chromed steel crank handle with color ABS grip.
Features a chrome- and nickel-plated body.
Built with anodised aluminium alloy rollers so that no metal residues are released onto the dough.
5-5/8 in. wide rollers and cutters.
Case-hardened tempered steel gears.
Resin-coated cutter 'combs.'

Important: Do not use in the dishwasher nor clean with metal objects. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush.
Instructions for use and basic recipe included.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Instructions
Country of Origin:
Made in Italy