Ravioli Rolling Pin, 24 in.

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This ravioli rolling pin is still a favorite among many Italians for quickly making lots of ravioli and filled pastries. You can use this pin for making just about any type of dumpling.

To make ravioli using the ravioli rolling pin:
• Roll out the dough and cut in equal size sheets.
• Lightly roll the ravioli pin over one of the sheets to mark the edges of each raviolo.
• Place the filling in the center of each square.
• Cover with a second layer of dough.
• Pressing hard with the rolling pin, roll over the ravioli to seal the edges.
• Sprinkle some flour over the ravioli to keep them from sticking together after the next step.
• Using a traditional wavy pastry wheel, cut along the center of the edges.

You can cook the ravioli right away, or freeze them, well floured, in an airtight bag or container.

Never wash your ravioli rolling pin, and keep it in a dry area when not in use.

Makes 40 ravioli 42 x 44 mm (1.75 x 1.6 in.)
23.5 in. (60 cm) overall length
Natural beechwood.
Country of Origin:
Made in Italy
Primary Material: