Round Ravioli Stamp 3.25-Inch

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3.25" diameter
4.25" tall
Cast aluminum with beechwood handle. They are made of food-safe aluminum in compliance with EU regulation EN601. Finished with a sandblasting process obtained by means of s/s microspheres.

Making Ravioli using the Stamp Cutters

Roll a sheet of very thin dough
Cut out the shapes with the stamp
Put the scraps back in a bowl to be rolled again
Spoon a small quantity of filling onto a cut piece
Brush near the edges with egg yolk
Place another cut piece on top
Press down around the edges to seal
Put the ravioli on a floured sheet until cooking time

· Make a hole with a toothpick, in each ravioli, to help prevent bursting during cooking.
· Also use these forms for sweets, like bocconotti, with sweet pastry and fillings.
· Perfect for empanada treats, with savory meat-and-vegetable fillings, or with fruit. Different sizes accommodate anything from an empanadita to an empanada gallega.
· Great for any filled dough pastry, including calzone and turnovers.
Country of Origin:
Made in Italy
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