Bread Making Tools

Generally called a brotform, brotformen or banneton, these bread molds are used for the rising of the dough (also called proofing). The basket coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and decor for a traditional hearth loaf.

Wood baskets are made by hand. They have imperfections that are normal in a natural, unfinished wood product, and which enhance the look of your finished loaf.

Poly baskets have uniform designs and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Weigh flour: 8-12 oz to yield about a Lb, 16-20 oz for 2 Lbs, 28-32 for 3-4 Lb.
Knead the dough by hand, or with a bread machine, or mixer.
For better texture and crust, many bakers let the dough rise in a greased bowl first, and then transfer it into the Brotform for the second and final rise.
As you experiment with your recipe, remember that the day's weather, quality of the yeast, type of flour, and quantity of whole grains used can greatly influence the final rise of your bread.
Do not use the Brotform basket for baking the loaf. Use it only for the rising.

Brotform Loaf Weight Guide

The Moravian Ribbed Loaf Pan is also known as a Rehrücken Pan or simply a Ribbed Loaf Pan.

The molds for Pain de Mien, Canapès, and Pullman Loaves work with the same principal. That is, by covering the mold, the bread will not develop a heavy crust, and the enclosed space makes for smaller air pockets in the bread.

The hinges on our Pate Molds come loose, so that the pate (or loaf) can be easily extracted in one piece.

The Perforated Baguette and Loaf pans allow for more direct heat to get to the bread, resulting in a crisper crust.

The paper baking molds are very convenient, especially if you are giving bread as a gift.

Brioche molds were originally used for the classic French shape, 'brioche a tete.' The light yeast dough, lavishly enriched with butter and eggs, still makes for a tasty bread.

Make the dough the night before, and place in the brioche molds just before putting it in the oven.

Tinned steel brioche molds will last a very long time, with just a little care. Wash them by hand, and dry thoroughly before storing. For long term storage, lightly grease the entire surface of the mold and put the mold in wax paper or plastic bags.