Colomba Easter Dove Bake and Serve Pan

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The dove, a symbol of peace, gives form to this traditional Italian sweet bread. Widely sold in Italy during Holy Week, Colomba di Pasqua is to Easter what Panettone is to Christmas. Now you can make it at home using this inexpensive baking form.

9.75 in. long, 7 in. wide, 2 in. deep.
17 oz capacity.
Keeps its form during baking.
Bake and serve right in the mold.
Oven and microwave safe, heat resistant up to 390°F.
Printed with food-safe inks that are heat- and alcohol-resistant.
Pinhole base perforations prevent surface sweating from excess humidity.
Certified Kosher by authority of KOF-K.

SIDES: High density, pure cellulose, glossy, micro-fluted corrugated paper. Paper weight: 125 g/m² (grams per square meter of paper stock). Rotogravure (engraved) printing, using alcohol- and heat-resistant inks.
BOTTOM: Pure cellulose, glossy, micro-fluted corrugated paper. Paper weight: 125 g/m². Sweat-preventing pinhole perforations. The walls and the bottom of these moulds are composed of two layers: one smooth and the other corrugated. Together, they form a series of air chambers that promote more even baking plus greater firmness and stability of the mold.

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Country of Origin:
Made in Italy
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