Fante's Aunt Santina's Pizza Screen, 14 inch

Fante's by HIC
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Fantes Aunt Santina's Pizza Baking Screen with open mesh design improves hot air flow to bake an extra-crispy, golden brown pizza crust in less time.

Made from commercial-grade, restaurant-quality aluminum (1-millimeter); heat safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit; 14-inch diameter.

Ideal for fresh, frozen, thick, and thin crusts; easy to season and maintain; durable and long lasting; cools quickly to make multiple pizzas in a row.

Build and bake pizza right on the screen; remove from oven with a pizza peel; slide a spatula under crust edge to loosen it from the screen and serve.

Includes complete seasoning and use instructions; do not cut baked goods on the screen; rinse in warm water without soap to maintain seasoned surface.

Model 22182
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Made in China