Mrs Anderson Rolling Pin Rings

Mrs. Anderson
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Mrs Anderson's four pairs of rolling pin rings fit on your rolling pin so you can roll the following thicknesses:
Blue ring - 1/16 in., for thin pie dough
Yellow ring - 1/8 in., for cookies and much more
Green ring - 1/4 in., for puff pastry and much more
White - 3/8 in. for biscuits and much more

Made of 1/4 in. thick silicone
Larger sizes fit 2 in. or smaller diameter pins
Smaller sizes stretch to fit somewhat thicker rolling pins

To slide rings on easily, dab vegetable oil sparingly on ends of rolling pin
For uniform thickness, keep rings in contact with work surface and the dough within the rings

Model C-34
Country of Origin:
Made in China
Primary Material: