Mrs Andersons Classic 12 Inch Rolling Pin

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Crafted from responsibly harvested solid hardwood
Smooth rolling steel bearings
11¾" long 2¾" diameter barrel,
20½" long overall
Model 6301

To clean, you only need to wipe with a damp cloth; do not wash in dishwasher or submerge in water

Georgette Anderson is one of America's most innovative home bakers whose expertise and creative spirit are at the heart of the Mrs Anderson Bakeware Collection. From a perfect pie crust to delicious cookies cut into a variety of beautiful shapes, Mrs Anderson's Bakeware provides you with baking precision, instruction and tasty inspiration. With Mrs anderson in your kitchen, you will soon be pulling a tray, pan or tin of buttery goodness from your oven. Tags: roll, rolling, pins, baker, pasta, pastry
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Made in USA
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