Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator Clean-A-Screen LM-2-6 2Pk

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These removable plastic mesh screens are inserted in the trays and are perfect for drying small items like spices and herbs that would normally fall through the slots of the tray

Clean-A-Screen® fits the following Nesco American Harvest models:
FD-28JX, FD-37, FD-39, FD-60, FD-61, FD-75PR, FD-77DT

Model LM-2-6

• Dry food on rough side of screen.
• To remove dried food while screen is still on the tray, flex toward center with a curling action using specially formed finger notches.
• Curl each side until food is loose.
• If necessary, cool in refrigerator to aid in removal of extremely dried-on-food.
• Wash in warm water or on top rack of dishwasher.
Country of Origin:
Made in USA
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