Omac 2 Qt Stainless Food Mill With 3 Discs

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The Omac CookCase Emanuel-3 24cm Passatutto 2-quart stainless steel food mill is most commonly used to squeeze tomatoes, however it can be used to mash or puree just about every type of vegetable, and it is easy to clean.

2 quart capacity moulin
9.25 inch wide bowl
6 in. long handle
Three interchangeable discs
Discs have 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 5 mm round holes
Folding legs sit on pot up to 9.5 in. wide
18/10 stainless steel, color of plastic may vary

Model 190

Blanch or boil foods before using a food mill. The food must be soft enough to go through the holes.

Use the correct size disc for a great, fast way to separate the pulp and juice from the skin and seeds, or to cream foods, puree potatoes, etc. Choose the disc based on the seed size, or on how fine you want the end results to be.

Tomato seeds are likely to pass through holes larger than 2 mm. The coarse (larger hole) discs are better for making pizza sauce and salsa.

DO NOT crank the handle (or turn the power on) without foodstuffs in the mill; running it dry makes it difficult to crank and will cause the scraping metal parts to scratch the surface. Once you add foodstuffs, the liquids and pulp create a barrier that prevents scraping, and make cranking the food mill easy.

Clean your food mill right after using it, so that it can work unhampered by seeds and skins that can dry on its surface.

75 Ways to Use a Food Mill
Country of Origin:
Made in Italy
Primary Material:
Stainless Steel