Roast Wrap / Sock

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Regency Roast Socks

For trussing roasts, tenderloins, rolled steaks, stuffed turkey and chicken breasts.

Quick and easy to apply
Creates an attractive shape
Holds stuffing in place
Oven safe
Keeps meat in tact during cooking process
Provides even pressure for uniform cooking and better taste

Roast socks™ are a stretchable mesh tube that slides over meat for easy and even trussing.

1 Roast Sock measures approx. 15 x 3.25" 1 Loin Sock measures approx. 15 x2.5"

Roast socks helps keep the shape and ensures even cooking, allowing the meat to be kept intact which helps keeps juices in for a more flavorable and attractive result.

Made of 100% cotton and food grade rubber. Oven safe to 450°F.
Country of Origin:
Made in USA